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Go BIG or go home

Posted by Craig D'Andrea, SketchUp Quality Assurance Tester

I was hanging out on the SketchUcation Community Forums when I came across a post from a SketchUp user named

"A couple of weeks ago I got a pretty interesting challenge in my firm. An historic building in the strict center of Zagreb was renovating, and when they put (that big thing around the building, to prevent bricks falling on the pedestrians;-) (excuse my bad English;-) around the building, it becomes most expensive place for putting the commercial ;-)

Ok, since I work in the biggest corporation in Eastern Europe, we had to put some kind of a commercial up there. The idea was to take a high-resolution picture of the building, and implement our logo on it. The problem was there was no such picture, and work on the building already started, so we couldn't go there and take the new photo.

Ok. "Can you make a photo-real rendering of this building, based on the partially-accurate blueprints?" my boss asked? I said, "No, I cannot ;-)". "What is the time note (deadline)?" 3 days.

Ok, It would not be the problem to do the photo-real rendering of a normal resolution, but, maaaan, this is a 30 x 10 meters + 20 x 10 meters rendering. I did some calculation, and I came up with 12,000 x 4,500 pixel resolution. It took me 10 hours of modeling, 2 hours of texturing, and 20 hours of rendering to complete this giant job. The size of the TIFF was 390 MB, the size of the JPEG was 39 MB... yeah, huge pics ;-)"

Andrija ended up exporting his SketchUp model into 3ds Max to do the final rendering. Amazing.

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Sandust said...

Yup, indeed it is a pretty amazing idea!

Anonymous said...

WOW that is some killer work. I can't wrap my head around it lol awesome!

CraigD said...

Yeah, I agree! I was amazed to see folks create the building in lieu of a photograph! Very clever idea!


- CraigD


Captain Sok said...

Nice one!

Bang & Olufsen

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Google SketchUp, and this is one amazing project! I am Thin Smek of THEK (Founder of the UAF) Explanation: a sort of futeristic army modeling club on the Google 3D Warehouse. Let the world know more about SketchUp, the BEST 3D software EVER!!!

Anonymous said...



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