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3D Warehouse now showing in 13 languages

Posted by Lori Meiskey, Software Engineer

Interested in checking out 3D models of Sportstadions van over de hele wereld (Sports Venues of the World)? Or maybe you’d like to Vytvořit nebo přidat do 3D sbírky (create or contribute to a collection)?

Now you can -- and in thirteen languages.

We're excited to announce that viewing and editing 3D models in the 3D Warehouse is now more globally available than ever before. Starting today, 3D Warehouse is available in eight new languages, including Arabic, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Polish, and Russian. The product was already available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, which brings our count up to thirteen. You can set your language by changing the Interface Language setting in Google Preferences.

We look forward to new models and collections contributed in these languages. And as always, 更多模型 (model on).

Update Added Korean to the list of newly-supported languages.

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푸른하늘 said...

Why don't you mention Korean is also supported?

The SketchUp Team said...

Hi there,

Oops -- an unfortunate oversight. I've made the correction. Thanks for the heads-up!

Take care,


Anonymous said...



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