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Attention fans of timber framing

Posted by Aidan Chopra, Product Evangelist

We just received a note from our friend Clark Bremer of Northern Lights Timber Framing. It seems that lots of timber frame builders are using SketchUp to help them figure things out and sell projects to clients. So much so, in fact, that Clark has gone ahead and written a few Ruby scripts specifically for timber framing. Here's how he describes what one of them does:

"If you create a tenon sub-component on the end of a timber component, and then butt that timber up against another timber, the script will automatically copy the tenon into the other timber to create the mortise. So as you make changes to your frame design, the joinery moves around with you automatically. It also generates material lists and shop drawings."

Even better, Clark's Rubies are available on his website for free. Too cool. Speaking of timber framing, Jack McClellen of Thornapple Timberframe is another timber framer who uses SketchUp. I mention him here because he's been helping us get the word out since 2001, and friendship like that deserves attention. Check out Jack's site when you get a chance.

Update Corrected the spelling of Mr. McClellen's last name. Deepest apologies.

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MRC said...

Aidan: You better let Mr. McClellen know his site is down (as of 6a PDT 10/19).

Todd Burch said...

The site is not down, the URL is bad. It has an extra HTTP:// in front of it.

Anonymous said...

As does Mr Bremer's
(extra http:// a the beginning of first URL)

The SketchUp Team said...

Thanks for pointing that out... just corrected it.


Mark P. said...

Jack's name is spelled McClennen. I am a SketchUp user because of working with Jack in the past. He introduced my office to SketchUp in 2003/2004. I am in awe of what is being done with it and need to keep learning.


Anonymous said...



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