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Santa needs a sleigh

Posted by Aidan Chopra, Product Evangelist

Last week, I spent the better part of three days obsessing about modeling curvy, lumpy things in SketchUp. Given the time of year, I started with Saint Nick himself. That model was successful, so I worked on some reindeer next. (Did I mention that I love my job?)

Having modeled Santa and his magical herd, I'm opening up the next part of the project to the rest of the world: Santa needs a sleigh. Anyone (young, old, young at heart) is invited to design a sleigh for Santa. I've created a collection in the 3D Warehouse to host the designs. Feel free to use the Santa and reindeer models that I built to dress up your sleigh -- it'll provide me with a legitimate reason for having spent so much time creating them.

To submit your sleigh, here's what you need to do:

  1. Upload it to the 3D Warehouse using your own account. Take a look at the second half of this Help Center article for instructions.
  2. Make sure to include the following tag: santa2007 (check out the following image to see what I mean)

Every couple of days until December 31st, I'll add all the models in the 3D Warehouse that are labeled with the above tag to the Model Santa's Sleigh collection. Even if you're not submitting anything, you can check out the collection and comment on the models that folks have uploaded. Sometime early in January, I'll post to this blog with a sampling of sleighs from modelers around the world, and the crème de la crème will get top billing in January's SketchUpdate newsletter.

One more thing: Feel free not to stick within the bounds of what most people would consider a "traditional" design. Santa's sleigh is magical, after all. It's possible that it doesn't look anything like any of these.

Update Changed the deadline for submission of sleighs to December 31st.

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Oscar said...

Amazing idea, incredible Santa and reindeer team models! I hope my humble attempt at a sleigh is fitting enough.

Anonymous said...

The model of "Santa and his reindeer" is great ;-).
So i created some Sled too...
.... look at my "santa2007"


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is your job? *coughs* lucky *coughs* nice model. Are all your models made in sketchup?

Bluesdog said...

Hello All

First I would like to sat GREAT Job on Santa and his reindeer. I took my model from the 3d challenge (Time Travel) and adapted it for this showing. As a Moderator for the 3d Challenge, it was not voted on (Mods do not submit for votes) nor do I expect it to be entered for any votes here as well. Just having a little fun and telling a little story.

"The Secret to Santas Sled"

Have a GREAT Holiday season to all.


Anonymous said...

Whats about this cool Stuff will we see the Santas sleigh maybe this year or never ?

Alien in USA said...

Amazing work. How can I use this in a commercial work. Please let me know.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Can renders of your santa be used commercially?

Unknown said...

Abbynormal: Please feel free to use my Santa in your own commercial work. Thanks for asking!