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Santa's going to need a bigger garage

Having challenged readers of this blog to contribute versions of Santa's sleigh to this collection in the 3D Warehouse, I have to admit that I wasn't sure what we'd get.

About forty-five creative souls ponied up (reindeered up?) a model or two, and a good number of your sleighs are fantastic. This wasn't a competition, so I won't be announcing any winners, but here's a web gallery with images of some of our favorites. For those of you who would rather sit back and watch, the ever-changing image at the top of this post runs though them all.

One more thing: a not-insignificant number of the sleighs submitted came from active members of the SketchUp 3D Challenge. These talented folks from around the world build models every week in response to a different subject -- this week's is to design a Star Wars podracer. If you want to hone your SketchUp skills, or you just want a forum for gathering tips and feedback about your work, you should definitely check it out.

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Anonymous said...
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Anxiety Solution said...

The Hover Jet is my favorite. The others have great ideas and with more detail in places and less "Squares" would look amazing.