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Design your Dwelling (and maybe win a trip to San Francisco)

Posted by Tasha Danko, Marketing Functionary

It's my pleasure to announce the launch of the Design Your Dwelling Competition. We're co-hosting this design challenge with Dwell Magazine, a stylish and modern publication that focuses on good design as a means to better living. We're asking SketchUp users – and readers of Dwell – to think about what it means to feel "at home in the modern world" (the Dwell mantra). We challenge you to think about your idea of a comfortable and sustainable dwelling, and to share it with the world.

The building site has already been selected by the Dwell editors; it's in San Francisco, overlooking the Golden Gate bridge. If the judges consider your entry to be the best, you'll win a weekend trip to San Francisco to attend the Dwell/AIA home tours and be treated to lunch by the editors of Dwell magazine and the SketchUp team. If you need an excuse to spend some time having fun in SketchUp, this could be just what you're looking for. Be sure to submit your dream dwelling by August 31, 2008.

Visit the competition website for all the rules, prize information, design parameters and submission guidelines. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your submissions.

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Hodad said...

Hola, just saw this, may be quite interesting, I will submit my dome

and hopefully not too much shadow in this 'bridge' to impede solar apps.


Anonymous said...

The official rules say deadline is 11pm on Aug 31. What time zone? Pacific?

Lewis Wadsworth said...

The KMZ file indicates that the site for this project is Crissy Field, a particularly flat and open public park (it was an airfield at one point). That's a slightly odd choice for a putative location for a residence...not that I have any difficulty with fantasy architecture, but if you're going to choose un-build-able sites like public parkland why settle on that one? Might as well have picked Alcatraz or Land's End or the Sutro Baths.

brix said...

The google sketchup - Dwell contest says that is max. 250 sq meters max for the Dwell contest models but the detailed contest rules says 25 sq meters.

Is it max. 25 or 250 sq meters for the model?

SketchUp Team said...

The floor area of the home may not exceed 2,500 square feet (250 square meters).

Thank you for pointing this out and we will make the correction on our website and in the Official Rules document.

Benson Crowell said...

250 sq.meters is equal to a little over 2,600 sq.ft. The big question is are we talking about total area or heated area. Do we have to count garages, decks, porches and outdoor spaces?

SketchUp Team said...

We have corrected the website to say:

"The floor area of the home may not exceed 2500 square feet (232 square meters)."

This area requirement includes only heated (conditioned) spaces.

Anonymous said...

what is a kmz file and how do I get it? Pardon my ignorance....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Is this competition open to non U.S residents? I am from Europe, so Am i eligible to enter this competition?

Anonymous said...

the same question

can i take part in this comp???
i m from india..
need more reference regarding areas & requirement...
its not upto requirements....

SketchUp Team said...

This competition is open to non-US residents and we would like to see some International entries. For contest rules and to submit your models, please visit

- Google SketchUp Team

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

Just a quick question can we use other programs for rendering and pros process?

Anonymous said...

u dnt think the site is too big for residence..
compared with nearby building..
or we have to cosider different scale for tht...
please reply...
thank you..

Anonymous said...

its every length is above 50m

Nina said...

Next to the red arrow is a grey square that could potentially be the site, but it's only 8' long. Is this it?

Or is the site one of the more geometrical triangular shapes that the red arrow is actually hovering above?

Ron Neuman said...

Hi, is it posible to use external modeling tools (such as autocad or solidworks) but fianly present your work in a sketchup environment, also are we allowed to use sketchup plugins which aren't included in the basic packedge?


Unknown said...

garage is considerated a heated area?

Nina said...

No, I don't believe garage is considered a heated area, but then again, I suppose you could heat and air condition your garage!

Unknown said...

Well , regarding to the area ... im supposed for sure to build in the required net area where this area is a part of the whole site that was given ,in addition to entertainment parts ... am i required to put my model in a specific way in the site or just is available to put it in anywhere within the site ??

Anonymous said...

AUGUST 31 I ve been trying to upload my model,,, and i get this error all the time: The page you request is invalid,,, Im from Costa Rica,,, what should i do! ,,,, i ve been working on this for long time ...

Anonymous said...

how will we find out who wins the contest??

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is going on it's sunday september 7th and still no sign. Even the official website doesn't exist anymore. I looked on, but i couldn't find anything on the competition anymore.

I think it would be polite of Google and/or Dwell to send all entries an e-mail with the results

Anonymous said...


"THANK YOU to our 130 entrants to the Google SketchUp / Design Your Dwelling contest! The Dwell editors and SketchUp experts have been nothing short of amazed by the creativity and innovation applied to this project.
Submissions are being judged today by a team of Dwell editors and SketchUp experts. The winner will be announced and notified tomorrow, Tuesday, September 9th."

Unknown said...

This message is addressed to all the Design your Dwelling 2008 competition entries, Dwell, the Google Sketchup Team and specifically Tasha Danko and Nancy Alonzo.

I have waited until the end of Tuesday the 9th of September (Pacific Time) to express my feelings about what is happening.

First of all I’d like to say I’m very disappointed about the way the competition has been run.

I really didn’t expect such a terrible lack of respect and professionalism, especially from Sketchup. I understand this is not the first time that Dwell has managed a competition this way.

As I reread the email sent to the entrants on Monday by Nancy Alonzo, I keep asking myself how I could believe these people anymore, after they have lied to all of us already.

At this point I can just imagine how seriously you, Google and Dwell, are taking the fact that someone will have to win...maybe?? (I strongly believe your judgment criteria are as serious and reliable as the competitions you organize). I’m sure you’re working so hard to pick the winning project.....almost as hard as the people who have been designing for you, for free, for nothing!

Nancy, don’t you think that in the email you wrote us on Monday you should have at least apologized for the delay instead of writing meaningless stuff:

THANK YOU to our 130 entrants to the Google SketchUp / Design Your Dwelling contest! The Dwell editors and SketchUp experts have been nothing short of amazed by the creativity and innovation applied to this project. Submissions are being judged today by a team of Dwell editors and SketchUp experts. The winner will be announced and notified tomorrow, Tuesday, September 9th.

How can you write this if this is not the case? Perhaps you already knew this was not the case or perhaps you weren’t sure, regardless we, who have spent countless hours working on this competition, deserve to be kept informed.

I have been a Sketchup user since version 2 and really wish it had never been bought by Google. When AtLast owned it, they concentrated on developing the software and releasing new improved versions, instead of organizing fake competitions or dress up parties as our friend Tasha has shown the whole world (see the first post about the design your dwelling competition and just click on her name).

I’ll never participate in any other competition which either Google or Dwell run or are involved in. I will also ensure I tell this story to as many people as I can, through blogs, forums and in any other way I can. People deserve to know the way you people work, or maybe I should say, pretend to work.

Shame on you!!

Eugenio Belli

Anonymous said...

Eugenio?!?! Dude what is your problem? Dwell and Google announced that they will us know who the winner is Today and they did. I think your rant was a bit preemptive. At least wait till the end of day. This competition was fun and you are making it unso for the rest of us. How was this a fake competition? It does take time to judge or would you just rather have them chosen willy nilly and spent two secs on who they wanted to win? I saw the winner and can see why they chose them. Way to represent the sketchup community in an unfair manner!

Shame on YOU!

Keep them coming Google and Dwell!

Unknown said...

Jordan, just wanted to point the fact that the winner was supposed to be announced last friday, sept the 5th, and it wasn't. Then tuesday the 9th, and again it wasn't.

They could have initially taken more time for the judging period, or explain the delay instead of keeping silence.

If you want to keep this convesration going, please contact me personally at

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