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Model share feature in the 3D Warehouse: Part 1

This is Part One of a four-part series that highlights different uses for the new 3D Warehouse model sharing feature. In this series, we'll be following our dear friends Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill are collaborating on a 3D model. Jack has a special talent for modeling World War II airplanes. The two met at a 3D modeling conference, where Jack found out that Jill has a knack for texturing 3D models – adding a cool "damaged" look to World War II airplanes. They exchanged email addresses on the spot.

Jack emails a version of his latest P-51 Mustang to Jill. She adds some textures and emails the model back to Jack. He adds some more details and has some ideas about Jill's textures. And back and forth they go.

Jack and Jill are participating in what we call "email revision control": It works great, as long as you're content to sort through email to find previous versions, figure out which is the latest, and understand which version was built from which previous version. Ugh.

Fortunately, Jill notices that the 3D Warehouse recently introduced collaboration features for 3D models. Jill quickly uploads the model to the Google 3D Warehouse, invites Jack as a collaborator, and they both proceed to use the 3D Warehouse to collaborate and manage revisions on their model.

Coming up next: Jack gets a little wacky and Jill needs to add some controls.

Thanks to moom for the terrific model!

Tommy Acierno and Mark Limber, 3D Warehouse team

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Anonymous said...

The maker of the model, moom, has only made about 3% of his models himself. Out of those 3% he has made only 30% of them in Sketchup, the rest of his models are imports. So 97% of all his models he stole from turbosquid. When people rate his models bad because they are stolen, he 1 star rating spams them with his 15 accounts. It happened to a friend, and he had to re-post all 100 or so of his models, loosing all previous rating history. This is truly sad.

Anonymous said...

A-friggen-Men Anonymouse 3d warehouse user! You describe what is becoming the scourge of the 3DWH. This is the high-poly, steal/import, throw-a-tantrum-when-poorly-rated douche who makes accounts just to spam the user's account who left the criticism in the first place.

Anonymous said...



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moom imports all his stuff.