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More about Dynamic Components

If you've never designed in 3D before, you probably assume that 3D objects "just know" what they are – and how they should behave – automatically. Like a staircase that knows to add steps when you make it higher. Or a tree that grows branches as it gets taller. Or a door that opens and closes when you click on it. Up until now, that wasn't possible in Google SketchUp.

But now it is.

In SketchUp 7 (which we just released yesterday), Dynamic Components are 3D models that behave like the real-world objects they represent. They make using SketchUp faster and easier than ever, so you can spend less time modeling and more time designing. They're just "smart" versions of regular SketchUp components, so you can use them in any model you're working on.

Check out this video for a basic rundown on Dynamic Components (a picture's worth a thousand words, after all...)

You can use existing Dynamic Components in both (free and Pro) versions of SketchUp, but if you want to make your own, you'll need SketchUp Pro 7. Dynamic Components work by letting you attach attributes (pieces of extra information) to SketchUp groups and components. After that, you can add formulas to create relationships and control how they interact. It's a lot like working with spreadsheets, actually.

And if you're not sure, just download SketchUp Pro 7 to play around with them. You'll find plenty of resources to help you get started: videos, FAQ, self-paced tutorials, working examples and of course, written documentation.

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Dario Caruso said...

Google have to consider linux world ever and not only when Google can use it to take money or want to be helped in their opensource program....

All Architects in the world are waiting from many years for a valid alternative at windows program, but no one are earing us.

Today it's impossible for one architect to use Linux! I must have two partitin or two desktop to use Linux!

There are linux program for many things, but there isn't solution for us. I hope that someone will decide to help us.

All Linux interested community are asking to google to ear our comment (in google groups we tell it every days!)

I Know that there are only few people interested to use CAD or 3d modeling in linux, but if no one offer us a program, when we can started to migrate?????
Consider that Linux is not equal to free, but it's equal to freedom.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dario Caruso...

a linux version would be great!

Unknown said...

Dario has my vote!

Dario Caruso said...

today Adobe (that have fear of microsoft silverlight) had relesed adobe flash for linux 64. And photoshop? and other software? Only air and flash.

The company use linux against microsoft.

Apple have the same idea! Use free licence of opensource world to make money but don't support us!

I think that we have to write this in all blog.

I think that google is different, because google have to say thanks at opensource world and must collaborate with linux IN ALL THE PRODUCT! They have to relese their program FIRST for linux users AND AFTER for the others!!!!

I hope that one day Android became a desktop OS with linux kernel and google have more attention (then now) at our world.

Anonymous said...

The download links just don't work!!

charly said...


I see that a lot of people is complaining about the non-existence of a linux version for skechtUp. I'm also a linux user and i used to be a skechtUp user too... and i must admit that, although has some flaws, is can be a really good tool, specially if you'r leasrning about 3d modelling, etc...

Maybe there's a reason to not have released the linux version... but at least the google teams could show that you have some respect for linux users and answer why, or if you everto going to release a version for linux.


Dan Kegel said...

Sketchup seems to work ok with Wine-1.1.8, at least if you have a recent NVidia card and current drivers. See
for tips to get past the first couple problems. Please give it a shot and post your impressions in the AppDB page for Sketchup (linked to from the above page).

/mnt said...

Yet another might be interesting program, experiment, widget designed for windows, does not work with Linux, thingy by Google. I've been a long time supporter of you guys and am about to jump ship. JUST FRICKIN ONCE - how about something cool that no one else does, and everyone wants to do AND IT ONLY RUNS ON LINUX. I know you guys are running some version of Ubuntu in a majority of the internals, come on, help us out here.

John Smith said...

I have a question:
If I create a dynamic component during the 8 hour trial of Pro, and share it in the Warehouse, and then I do not take up Pro. Will myself and others be able to use that dynamic component and its behaviour as users? It is an important consideration for me. Please let me know! thanks a lot for any response.

Anonymous said...

@John Smith:

Good question. If you use the Pro trial to make a Dynamic Component, then you upload that the the 3D Warehouse, it will keep its "dynamic" behavior even if you never decide to buy a Pro license. Of course we hope you do : ) ...