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Synchro: 4D scheduling software for SketchUp

In terms of representation, the first dimension is characterized by a line. A square is two-dimensional, and an extruded square – a cube – is 3D. So what the heck is 4D? Time.

Synchro Project Constructor is a 4D application that lets you manage a 3D model in time. It's a scheduling tool for visualizing how construction phases will occur. Basically, different parts of your model exist at different points on a timeline, and you can show and hide those parts depending on when you are. Pretty neat.

Even neater is the fact that Synchro Project Constructor is specifically designed to work with SketchUp models. It's a lower-cost, standalone application that anyone with SketchUp can use to add a temporal dimension to their project planning and design.

Posted by Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Evangelist

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Unknown said...

Syncro sounds great, unfortunately there is no Demo version. I would be happy to Pay the asking price if it did all it says it can. Has anybody had a go?

Anonymous said...

Great..I am looking forward..thanks to Syncro team

Anonymous said...

Synchro Professional offers a demo and full functionality for a business enterprise with large-scale, complex projects and a connection available to a server, a viewer and sharing for work groups on big projects. Project Constructor is a highly simplified, stand-alone version without the full functionality of Professional. They both have a similar look-and-feel. Try downloading Professional if you have a large scale or complex business application for a big construction project. Go to the Synchro web site and check out both Constructor and Professional.

Unknown said...

thanks I will have a look and let you all know my thoughts

Anonymous said...

You may want to preview the YouTube Movie Clip from the CMAA construction trade show in San Francisco in which Synchro demos how to transform the incredible 3D models of Google SketchUp into 4D (3D+Time).

Synchro Project Constructor (stand-alone) and Synchro Professional (fully functional for a project team) synchronize the construction models of Google SketchUp to add project scheduling and management to bring Google SketchUp into the 4th Dimension by adding Time.

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