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Help model the world – one bridge at a time

Are you in awe of the engineering that goes into designing a bridge? Do you have a favorite local, famous, or historical bridge you'd like to see in Google Earth? I'm pleased to announce the launch of the Google SketchUp 2009 International Student Bridge Modeling Competition. Now you have a chance to show off your modeling skills and make that dream a reality by entering the competition anytime before June 15, 2009.

Simply model your bridge in Google SketchUp, geo-reference it in Google Earth, and submit the bridge by uploading to the Google 3D Warehouse to earn eternal online glory and, if you win, a handsome prize. You can enter this competition if you're a student at a higher education institution almost anywhere in the world. Take a look at this 3D Warehouse collection to get inspired, and good luck!

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Unknown said...

I suggest that a shadow polygon of suitable hue be added to the models to cover the flat satellite bridge, whether the model be made with Sketchup or another method. See the Navajo Bridge in this posting: