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SketchUp is now available in Chinese (Simplified)

In the past few weeks, we've added new language support to Google SketchUp, making '3D for Everyone' available to people who speak French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Turkish and Czech. I said we weren't done yet, and there's still more to come. Today, we're adding support for speakers of Chinese (Simplified) - the language spoken by the approximately 1,330,044,544 people who live in China. On behalf of the Google SketchUp development team, I'd like to say "喂" to all of you, and welcome you to the SketchUp user community.

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chai2010 said...

不错, 继续期待7版的中文版.


Actually, 喂 is not exactly a "hello or hi". It's more like an impolite/rude "hey" to me~~ xD
Anyway, having Chinese (simplified) been supported is still a good thing. Looking forward to the Chinese (traditional) being included too!

TANTUNNY said...

I totally agree with 熊. To say '喂(wei)' is rude to anyone who speaks in Chinese. In fact, any time say '你好(Ni-hao)' is always safe in every occasion. Maybe all the reason is caued by the translat system.^^
Well, I perfer Chinese in tranditional way...maybe just because I am one of more than 30,000,000 people who uses tranditional Chinese in world ^^.