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Just how popular is it?

Since last year, the Google 3D Warehouse has shown the number of recent 7-day views and downloads for every 3D model. Today (tweeted), we expanded this feature to show graphs of views and downloads over time. To see this, go to any 3D model details page (I've always had a fondness for Saint Basil's Cathedral), check out the "Views" and "Downloads" numbers in the blue box, and click the graph button to open the data window. If you're an owner or a collaborator, you can get daily numbers in CSV form by clicking "Export a .csv file of this data" in the graph dialog (yes, we do love you, 3D contributors).

I found some of the graphs and numbers interesting. Last year's spike in popularity for a model of the National Stadium in Beijing is pretty easily explainable, but I had to do a news archive search to remind myself why this Colosseum model got so popular last November. More and more people are using this milk truck to play Monster Milktruck. And this toilet has proven itself appealing; it gets hundreds of views a day, and it looks like most people who view it also download it. Some mysteries remain; this has always been a nice model, but why did it get popular in mid-April?

Whether you're a model creator interested in how many people have seen your work, or a curious bystander, we hope you enjoy this new feature!

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Very useful features. When it will be available for the Italian version of the WH. 7-days feature is not yet available.

Anyway, good job! :)

.ib. said...

one REAL helpful products i must say.. many thanks!!! ;)