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Land of the Rising Sun in 3D

Earlier this week we released tens of thousands of new 3D buildings in Japan. Major Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto have joined the growing list of cities and towns prominently displayed in Google Earth's 3D buildings layer.

The highlights of these cities are our user-contributed SketchUp models that were submitted via the Google 3D Warehouse for publication in Google Earth.

Check out this temple in Ancient Kyoto:

Or, this one by a modeler named Seagate:

If you're thinking about contributing to any region of the world, from anywhere on the planet, we've recently improved and simplified the overall process for model submission and acceptance. So, give it a's a ton of fun. For those of you already with us, keep em' coming. Your world is looking great!

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martoon said...

wow! inspiring

SeaGate said...

Thank you!

SnowTiger said...

Many of the models in Japan are amazing, especially considering they "appear" to be auto-generated. Their geometry and texturing are more like those that are hand-made in SketchUp.

What software produces such quality models ?