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He made a music video with SketchUp?

A music video is currently making the rounds of the office. Ooooh and aaaahs and catchy beats resonate from every corner...

Dave Righton, the Canadian one-man-band member of Roche Limit, apparently ran short of funds while producing his song "My Friend Ship". He was using SketchUp to storyboard ideas when he came to the realization that he could just do the whole thing in SketchUp – too cool. The whole thing cost him something like $12 to make.

I think it's beautiful, and if I could carry a tune in a bucket, I might be inspired to do likewise. Here's a video that features Dave talking about his process:

Posted by Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Product Evangelist

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Klaus Mc Schwab said...

Its great to see someone taking SU in this direction. There are so many creative possibilities in different media- both on screen and on paper or other material (e.g. massive 3d sculpture) that could be driven by Sketchup. The mind literally boggles in 3d.

gerrrg said...

It's a great, creative video, but an even better song, IMO.

Jeremiah said...

This is really awesome! The scene transitions are what really make this!

Thomas Costick said...

Absolutely stunning. Using SketchUp in this way is a quantum leap. Truely inspiring.

Unknown said...

It's growing on me... I liked the song immediately but it's taken awhile to warm up to the video. I think the problem is I use SketchUP
all the time a for work and I have hard time disassociating it from architecture. You did a great job
on both though, keep up the good

Unknown said...

Love it! I teach a digital media class and one of my assignments is to have the students make a video of their favorite song using nothing but sketchup. It's a way to get them to use SU in a new way...architecture school can sometimes be lacking in the creative realm if all you design is buildings. This way, the students get to create a story...and if you can make a video using SU, you can do anything!

Bill Steele said...

Ingenious! Thanks for the inspiration...

josh said...


Weirdest thing: I went through the same process making a music video for my band... started playing around in Sketchup as a pre-vis and really liked the results. And this was back in 2008 sometime.

see another Sketchup music video here:

Amazingly, the video was featured in the experimental portion of the Adelaide Film Fest in Australia.

Second coincidence: also Canadian.



josh said...


strange coincidence: about a year ago, I also made a pre-vis for a music video for my band using Sketchup and ended up liking the results so much it became official... and was featured in a Film Fest in Adelaide, Australia!

Watch Entire Cities' The Woods video here:

second coincidence: also Canadian... :)