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We're awash in Building Maker models!

We didn't know what to expect when we released Google Building Maker last week. Would we hear crickets? Would we be hit by a tidal wave? Somewhere in-between? Well, the headline of this post says it all! We've been trying to find dry land in the sea of models you've created! So I guess you like the app!? Seriously, we're doing our very best to review and process these models into Google Earth as quickly as we can. Thousands of models are included in the first wave which will be visible in today's 3D buildings release, so look for yours!

If you don't see your model in the 3D Buildings layer of Google Earth, there are two possibilities: It either needs some additional work on your part to meet our acceptance criteria, or, it's still in our processing pipeline. You can check the status of your models by visiting the Google 3D Warehouse, logging into your account, and looking at the bottom of the model details page. If it's been accepted, it will look like this:

We may have been overwhelmed with the volume of models but that doesn't mean that we haven't taken notice of the incredible models that have been created. We're very impressed! In fact, we've created a new Best of Building Maker collection in the 3D Warehouse to showcase your work, like this cathedral by geo-modeler chrischibuilder.

If you'd like to stay informed on the latest Building Maker news you can follow us on Twitter. We'll be posting updates when new cities are available for modeling, tips & tricks, and other product news.

Happy modeling!

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Unknown said...

it would be great if you could also maping to cone / cylinder for making tower & church room model faster.
To add the possibility to tie/align roof and wall together afterward would also be handy.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Unfortunate side effect is that very few models are being reviewed per person now. You will have to get even faster : )

John said...

I think later versions of Building Maker should allow the user to subdivide elevations into storeys - that is the number of similar floors between user-inputted lines. This operation would create a series of rectangles separated with dashed lines. The user then double-clicks on the area of texture that best represents the building - ie free from shadows, neighbouring buildings, and other objects - and the pure elevational tratment is applied across the entire selected facade.

Dave said...

Hi, I was playing with Building Maker and was surprised to see the model has appeared in google earth (on a different machine) although it's frankly not very good.

Can I edit the model I started in Sketchup to make it bit better?

Thomas Thomassen said...

Wish I could contribute. But Google doesn't have proper areal photo for my city (Trondheim, Norway). Microsoft and Norwegian competitors have great areal view - but that don't help me much for Google Earth...

Is there anywhere I can find out when my area is scheduled?

Unknown said...

3D Buildings layer is the best way to represent the architecture modeling. Nice designing.
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