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A very SketchUppy holiday

For the last couple of years, we’ve uploaded some holiday-themed SketchUp models to the Google 3D Warehouse. I thought it might be handy (for those of you who’ve found this blog only recently) to provide a recap of what’s available – you never know when you’re going to need some component-sized holiday cheer.

Santa Claus sitting down

(click the Google 3D Warehouse logo to link to the model)

Santa’s sitting (and wearing goggles) because I made him for a little sleigh-modeling competition we had in 2007. This version is "dynamic", meaning you can pose him. Click with the Interact tool to move his arms and head, and to change his belt buckle style.

We provided Santa and his reindeer (see below) and asked folks to send in designs for Santa’s sleigh. The results were inspiring.

Santa Claus standing up

(click the Google 3D Warehouse logo to link to the model)

This Santa's poseable, too. Just remember to download (or import) him directly into an existing model to maintain his "dynamic" functionality.

Reindeer in a variety of poses

(click the Google 3D Warehouse logo to link to the model)

Looking back, I’m not sure why I gave them dog’s heads. I probably should have looked at a photo of an actual reindeer while I was modeling. Live and learn. Incidentally, if you’re planning to line them up into sleigh-towing formation, this model might save you some time.

Menorah, unfinished and dynamic

(click the Google 3D Warehouse logo to link to the model)

The point of this model is that the candles are dynamic – they react when you click on them with the Interact tool. I created this last year as part of an invitation for folks to finish the menorah. This blog post tells the whole story.

Design-your-own gingerbread house

(click the Google 3D Warehouse logo to link to the model)

The above model is intentionally dull. It was meant to be a starting point for people who participated in last year’s Gingerbread House Competition (the winners were spectacular). It’s dynamic, you see – when you scale the house, the thickness and height of the walls stay constant. The instructions are watermarked into the model.

Most of the decorations below are dynamic, too; the best way to find them while you’re using SketchUp is to type gingerbread is:dynamic into the search box in your Components browser. These components need to download directly into your model to work properly.

Pinwheel Mint: Click with the Interact tool to change from green to red and back again.

Candy-Striped Pole: Use the Scale tool to adjust height and diameter. Use Interact to change color.

Wafers: Place on any surface, then use Scale to adjust length and width. Scaling adds or removes wafers as necessary. Use Interact to change colors.

Hooked Candy Cane: Nothing too exciting here. Just a plain ol’ candy cane.

Gumdrops: Use Scale to make rows longer or shorter, then use the Component Options dialog box (in the Window menu) to change colors, spacing and “Wobble” – choose “Robotic Precision”, “Close Enough” or “Too Much Eggnog”.

Happy holidays!

Posted by Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Product Evangelist

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Unknown said...

I think I recall seeing that Santa in a certain Dummies book... : )

tomcioZG said...

You're right Nick. It is on these colorful pages:)