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Model Your Town finalists announced: Cast your vote!

OK folks -- it’s time to vote for your favorite 3D town. The submission phase of the Google Model Your Town Competition is over and the five finalists have been selected. Without further ado, they are (in alphabetical order):

Barranco, Lima, Peru
Modeler: Jorge De Albertis
Barranco’s collection of models

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany
Modeler: Leonhard Pröttel
Braunschweig’s collection of models

Donostia - San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa, Spain
Modelers: Pedro Domecq Aguirre, Eneka Mujica, Gabriel Garcia, Jan Wesbuer, Fermin Saraseta
Donostia - San Sebastián’s collection of models

Dursley, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Modeler: John Wilkes
Dursley’s collection of models

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Modeler: Chris Sardinas
West Palm Beach’s collection of models

This overview video flies to each of the finalist towns:

On the voting page, you’ll find a separate one-minute video tour for each town, as well as a link to a KML file that you can use to see the models in Google Earth. Take a look at everything, decide which you think is best, then weigh in -- you have until May 1st, 2010 to cast your vote.

Congratulations to the finalists and to all of the teams who submitted entries. Choosing the top five certainly wasn’t an easy task. As you can see from this collection of the teams who entered, the competition was tough. Good luck!

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milo minderbinder said...

I wish I was one of those finalists. I'm asking myself, why them and not me? But I'm sure the jury chose them for the right reasons.

Gerd said...

Well, you have to accept it, that's how competitions are: it depends ½ how the criteria were set up and ½ on the real work.
All of the finalists have definitely earned it for years of hard labor - but what about those who did all of their models especially for this competition...

Anonymous said...

Gold will not buy everything. ....................................................

J said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing job to all the chosen finalists. The City of Nanaimo didn't make it into the finals, but we had a great time learning to work with our citizens, and now have our downtown modeled to a level that it can be used for planning purposes. Check out our video submission (esp from 1:14 onwards)

Auquicu said...

Thank you Jason.
I'm happy that my project, Barranco, was included as a finalist. Your team did a great job with Nanaimo, as well as Hondaribia and other cities I've enjoyed visiting in Google Earth and hope to know sometime. My admiration to all of them!

Aerilius said...

Great works were submitted by the selected (and as well unselected) finalists!

Just an idea: Wouldn't it be super to have a randomized list like the browser choice?

Lorenz Eisermann said...

And the winner is ... everybody. That's gonna be a hard decision. These are awesome collections. You can explore the places for hours and still find detail you haven't noticed before. I can literally hear the city noise when strolling through the streets. Thank you for pointing me to your lively places, guys!

Anonymous said...
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