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Announcing the Google Model Your Town Competition winner

On April 1st, we announced the five finalist towns for the Google Model Your Town Competition and asked the public to help pick the winning town. For the past month, participants reviewed the 3D models, explored the buildings in Google Earth and watched videos of the 3D towns.

Well, we’ve tallied the votes and we’d like to congratulate our 2010 winning town: Barranco - Lima, Peru!

Jorge De Albertis Bettocchi, a 38 year-old corporate business attorney, modeled the Barranco District of Lima. He entered the competition to generate pride among his fellow citizens and created his 3D models to serve as a tool for tourism, promotion, investment and preservation of Barranco’s historic architecture. Jorge also created a blog, Barranco 3D Project, that includes descriptions of his models, his modeling process, community involvement and press videos.

Jorge is also a musician who plays the keyboard, has a small recording studio, and has participated in the production of concerts in Peru. “I started creating SketchUp models in 2007 when I was asked to design a stage for a rock concert, and a concert-production partner recommended using SketchUp. Since then I have not stopped using it and it is the only 3D design program I have ever used.”

Jorge, you have impressed people all over the world with your SketchUp models. Congratulations to the Barranco community!

We’ll be awarding the local school district with US$10,000 and the SketchUp team is planning a visit to Barranco later this summer to recognize their efforts. Visit the Google Earth Gallery to download a 3D tour of Barranco, Peru and visit our winners page for more details.

Thanks to all those who voted to help us find the winning town. And thanks to all the modelers out there who submitted entries — we hope you'll continue to add 3D buildings to Google Earth!

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tomcioZG said...

Congratulations Jorge! Nice Work!

Rita Vera said...

Muy buen trabajo Jorge ¡Felicitaciones! y muchas gracias

Unknown said...

Felicitaciones! Arriba Peru! :)

Miajon said...

de verdad ganat con tan poco hecho tras los demas equipos lo que se llo han currao. Es ironico vamos

Dick Stada said...

Congratulations Jorge!

Miradoro said...


Si te comunicas con el Team de Google ruegales que pongan a LIMA pa su google business directory pa q los negocios aparezcan como lo hacen en Chile


Miradoro said...


Si te comunicas con el Team de Google ruegales que pongan a LIMA pa su google business directory pa q los negocios aparezcan como lo hacen en Chile

John said...

Heartiest congratulations to Jorge

Jan Wesbuer said...

Congratulations from me too Jorge!

Unknown said...

Congratulations !!!

This is a great news! :)

N3TW@RRIOR said...

Hey Jorge Felicitaciones, yo vivo en Miraflores y me parece A++ tu trabajo con Barranco. Sigue asi eh! y bueno como dijeron antes si te comunicas con ellos diles q nos pongan en GoogleBusiness :P Exitos!

Unknown said...

Felicidades Jorge, has recibido un buen apoyo de tus compatriotas ¡¡

milo minderbinder said...

Congratulations Auquicu/Jorge!

I voted for you and you're the best. Thank you for rating my models by the way!

Max Ugaz said...

Espectacular Jorge De Albertis! Celebramos tu visión, audacia y esfuerzo!

John Newcomb said...

Terrific that Jorge has won this Google Sketchup award - and that Barranco, Peru is the site! Barranco is an incredibly interesting district of Lima - a timeless, historical ocean-side neighbourhood full of wonderful buildings and people!

Airin Hazelwood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Airin Hazelwood said...

Congratulations to Peru! Jorge, your effort for the people you love are what, I believe, we as a body of people should strive toward.

As Albert Einstein said, "Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations."

Felicitaciones a Perú! Jorge, su esfuerzo para la gente que amas es lo que, creo yo, nosotros, como un organismo de las personas deberían esforzarse por alcanzar.

Como dijo Albert Einstein: "La preocupación por el hombre y su destino siempre debe ser la principal interés de todos los esfuerzos técnicos. No olvides nunca esto en medio de sus diagramas y ecuaciones."

Unknown said...

Felicidades Jorge! También a la gente de Perú por tener gente tan talentosa! Que gran inspitación.
Felicidades nuevamente desde Houston!

Auquicu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Auquicu said...

Thank you very much for choosing Barranco as the winner of Google "your Town Model Competition", an award I share with all Peruvians. As a result, thousands of people from all over the world visited Barranco in 3D, and now know that somewhere in the southern hemisphere near the sea, there is what was once a village of fishermen that still preserves its culture, traditions and monumental architecture, and inspires artists, musicians and writers.

The Barranco 3D project will continue to develop, as it has generated pride in its neighbors and fellow citizens, and will serve as a tool for tourism and investment promotion, and preservation of its historic architecture.

I also want to congratulate the other finalist modelers in Donostia-San Sebastian, West Palm Beach, Dursley and Braunschweig, all of them who deserve this prize and recognition for the excellent work done.

To all those who collaborated, thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Sei il migliore, bravo e di nuovo complimenti.
Ciao dall'Italia.

Unknown said...

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