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Berlin and Stuttgart in 3D

We released two new cities in Google Earth’s 3D Buildings layer today - Berlin and Stuttgart. Both of these proud German cities contain numerous architectural masterpieces, making them ideal destinations for virtual tourism.

Having resided in Stuttgart, I was particularly excited to see many of the places that I’ve frequented appear in Google Earth. The first place I visited on my own virtual tour was Schillerplatz square a site where numerous holiday festivals and markets are held. Walking distance from there is the Schlossgarten, the large, park-like area that includes the old castle, the National Theatre, Stuttgart’s main train station, the opera, and planetarium.

Geo-modelers, peterX and tbr, have modeled many of the places of interest in Stuttgart, all of which are contained in this collection.

Before leaving Stuttgart make sure you visit the corporate headquarters of the famous Mercedes brand, as well as the massive television tower that can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Being the capital of this once divided country, Berlin boasts a plethora of famous government and cultural buildings. The Brandenburg Gate at Pariser Platz, the former location of the infamous “Berlin Wall” may well be one of the most visited places in Google Earth. If you fly there, you can explore the Tiergarten (Soviet war museum), Reichstag, Kongresshalle, and famous monuments such as the Berliner Siegessaule - all within a short walking distance.

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khj said...

키키 히히

Generalfeldmarschall said...

My friend, a small correction if you allow me to do so. Tiergarten is the big park, not the name of the Memorial (it's "Sowjetisches Ehrenmal").


fmb said...

the railway station submitted by tbr is not modelled
by him. The Main station was drawn by me in 2008.
the model is property of City of Stuttgart and i can
proof that.

my style of modeling is unique and i can recognize
the underlying structure.

for any questions related to the model (proof)
i can provide further information.

felix buetzow