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Announcing Google SketchUp 8

Today is an exciting day around the SketchUp World Headquarters out here in Boulder, Colorado. We’ve just kicked off our third bi-annual “3D Basecamp” to a crowd of SketchUp-savvy folks converging on The Dairy Center from all around the world. I’m looking forward to some great conversations about SketchUp and 3D modeling in general over the next few days. But that’s not our only news today...

We’ve also finished work on SketchUp 8, the next major release of our favorite 3D modeling tool. We’ve been heads down and working hard for most of the last year, and I’m happy to be able to share with you the fruits of our labor.

Google SketchUp 8 includes a batch of exciting new features. We’ve made it easier to build site context models for your projects using our ever-growing collection of geo-data. We’ve added a new collection of “Solid” tools for doing common additive/subtractive modeling operations and we’ve packed out LayOut with some new features that make it easier to document your models professionally.

Ordinarily, those of you who use SketchUp in a language other than English have to wait a few weeks for a version in your language. But not this time—today, SketchUp 8 is available for download in English, French, Spanish, Italian or German language versions. (We weren’t able to get all our translations done in time for release today, but keep an eye on this blog for news about SketchUp 8 in more languages soon)

As always, SketchUp Pro 8 is available for $495 from our web store. Upgrades from any previous version of SketchUp Pro can be had from for only $95. And, of course, we’ve still got a version of SketchUp available for free. Head on over to our main website for all the details.

You can be sure we’ll be talking about this release a lot over the next few days at 3D Basecamp, but I want to make sure that those of you who weren’t able to join us in Boulder have a chance to let us know what you think, too. I’ve posted a new Google SketchUp Questions and Ideas series. I’m listening, and I’ll respond to as many of the top posts there as I can.

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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Its Great!

Marti said...

Great news,
really eager to try to new features.
Can you tell me why my backlink doesn't show on the list below?

This is the post

Unknown said...

Sketchup is just now getting Boolean operations? Pffft Do yourself a favor and learn Maya or 3ds max.

Incorrect Ed said...

Yeehaa! Downloading now.

johntheblasphemist said...

I've been reading about this 3D modeling and actually have the free version of Sketchup and really dig it; but I got to this section on your website and thought, "Why the hell would I pay for "Google" Sketchup Pro 8 and use it to model for Google's benefit and my "Dis-" benefit? - the fact I'm out of pocket food money -

Well, I wouldn't. It's really too bad the money thing has ruined so many good inventions and ideas from brilliant minds who quite probably never asked for a dime but invented out of the sheer joy of discovery and would want the world to have it without the corruption brought about by "the free market system". And if you are any kind of "Men" you will post this and let it stay for the world to see. Or will you do the wrong thing and cut it from your website? We will see...