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Weekend eye candy: ixlrlxi's vehicles

There’s something I’ve been meaning to show you—I pointed to this work in the introduction to our SketchUpdate newsletter a few months ago, but I’ve never mentioned it on this blog. A glaring omission, I realize.

ixlrlxi (I don’t even know his real name) is a Russian concept artist who likes to model retro-futuristic-looking vehicles in SketchUp and render them with V-Ray. They are, in a word, mouth-watering. Here’s a sample of what you’ll see when you do yourself a favor and visit this thread on

Scroll to the bottom of the thread for an amazing tutorial about ixlrlxi's process.

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Foton 1971 said...

Those designs are absolutely breathtaking, and the tutorial is great.
I will definitely be using some of his methods when I make future vehicle models.
His way of using intersecting to paint flames etc. on his models is great, but if you make the entity you intersect into a component you can delete it a lot faster after intersecting. -And you can reuse it again and again.

Happy modeling,

- Johnny

Incorrect Ed said...

Amazing models!
He didn't use any plugins?