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An important update for SketchUp 8

Sometimes a haiku says it best:

new SketchUp version
shadows work much better now
farewell artifacts!

You'll want to download today's free update for SketchUp 8 as soon as possible. It contains (among a great many other things) fixes for for raster image export at high resolutions on Windows, and for the dreaded Shadow Bug. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of millions of modelers uncorking Champagne to celebrate. Believe me – we're thrilled, too.

Here's an overly-dramatic video that shows the Shadow Bug fix in living color.

The newest version of SketchUp 8 (free and Pro) is available today in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. Stay tuned for Russian, Dutch and Simplified Chinese; they’re coming soon.

Here's how to get the latest version of SketchUp 8:

Windows: Choose Help > Check for Update

Mac: Choose SketchUp > Check Web for Update

Please feel free to express your own euphoria in the form of a haiku in this post's comments thread.

Udpate: Added Korean to the list of available languages.

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SketchUpArtists said...

Thanks guys this is great news...well done!

GenkiTT said...

Thanks for great work!!

Unknown said...

Just Thanks

pat said...

i don't share in the adoration, at least not of this update notice.

i can not find the version number anywhere. i attempted to update SU Pro, but when it was complete, nothing looked different. i don't know if i successfully updated or not because i can't compare what it says the version number is with what the new version number is. here is a haiku for aidan, think it thru.

Unknown said...

Hi Pat,

The version number for Windows is 8.0.4811 and Mac is 8.0.4810. Hopefully that helps.


kristalks said...


hope it won't take 10 yaers to turn SU into 64-bit?

kristalks said...

this bring SU for MAc to 8.0.4810?

NVizeon said...

Congrats to the SU team. Now we can finally lurk in the shadows...hehe

Manfred van der Voort said...

Is there already an official statement about the support of 64 bit OS-es?

Luisustain said...

you guys are fantastic, and provide all these great tools for humanity for free! Thanks is the very minimum one can say to you. So the haiku for you all is for u from us all

information said...

SketchUp updating
Update not working at all
Still shadows broken

Unknown said...

Any idea when the broken "Add Location" will be fixed? I use it a great deal.

Unknown said...

Howdy Moz,

This issue should have been resolved last Tuesday. Feel free to post to this thread in the Help Forum so we can chat more:

SketchUp Team

information said...

What is this CRAP?

You tick a box saying you want to be notified of postings and when you decide you don't want to be notified of postings you click on unsubscribe and you're sent to Blogger!

Not unsubscribe, but some other artful Blogger!


Get it right!

This is SPAM MAIL!

information said...


Spam mail from Goo-gle
Stuffing up my inbox bad
Spam mail from Goo-gle

Unknown said...

Hi information,

Just to clarify, when you click "Unsubscribe to comments on this post" from your email, are you seeing a screen like this?

Schloeder said...

Sorry guys, the shadow bug is still there. I have the latest version (8.0.4811) and the shadows are still sometimes wonky.

Unknown said...

Having an Issue:

For a few days straight, I have been unable to create Components in any SketchUp model. When I select what I want for a component, I get the XYZ axis superimposed on a random corner, and the whole program freezes. I have to force close, which results in loss of work.

Any ideas on how to fix this?