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Featured Geo-modeler: Guillaume Godin

Guillaume Godin is an accomplished geo-modeler based in Montréal, Canada. He has 157 models uploaded to the 3D Warehouse so far. Of those, 86 are geo-located and 72 have been accepted into Google Earth. Thank you for your contributions and keep up the great modeling, Guillaume!

I am a 3D designer and Google SketchUp freelancer. I studied administration in college and now work in publicity for a small firm. I found out about 3D buildings in Google Earth by downloading the application and using it. I started modeling because Google SketchUp is free to download and I thought I might be talented doing it.

L'édifice Grand Tronc on Rue McGill in Montréal

When i started modeling six years ago, I really liked the fact that you have the possibility to publish on Google Earth and then millions of persons can see YOUR building.That really pushed me to do better and better. It really frustrated me for a while not to be able to place photo textures on faces.

Église Saint-Pierre on Rue de la Visitation in Montréal

The first thing I do when I’m geo-modeling is to choose a location with a Google Earth snapshot, then I trace the contour of the building in SketchUp. The third thing I do is to place the axes of the model. Next, I make a group, push/pull up my footprint, then I use Street View to check the approximate height of the building I’m working on.

Le Marché Maisonneuve (Maisonneuve Market) at Place Gennevilliers Laliberté in Montréal

Farine Five Roses is my favorite model because of the sign on top which is a unique feature in Google Earth and in Montreal's Old Port also.

Farine Five Roses (Five Roses Flour) at the Old Port in Montréal

I'd like to make Montreal and its surrounding areas more visible to the rest of the world and let people who are using Google Earth be able to use Street View to see my buildings.

1253 Rue McGill College, where Google’s offices in Montréal are located

I think the Google team have developed such nice and free tools for 3D that anyone with absolutely no experience can become a good modeler.

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nicks said...

gr8 job dude keep it up.....thts really impressive...but i wud like to know tht hw u managed time.How much time it took,is tht yr profession?

rivest266 said...

Place Victoria is too tall and Les Cours Mt. Royal is too short.

can you redo these two buildings

Saarthak said...

How did you do that?

Léo said...

Nossa! Muito bom os edifícios em 3D, realmente concordo na parte que seria muito bom se mais pessoas vissem o Street View e o Google Earth

Ben said...


I really like what you done to those buildings. But I have a really simple question for Guillaume Godin.

How do you do to take picture of the building it self? Like I understand how you take the measurement but how did you make to take the picture to put it on the walls of the buildings.

I tried a few years ago to make a buildings, but I didn't know how to put the texture on the faces of the building.

I hope you'll be able to answer to my questions.

And by the way, you are really good!!

Unknown said...

I know how. Find Photo Texture in the menu and drag the box where you want it to be.

Hope tht is helpful ! ! !