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Introducing the SketchUp Showcase – A labor of love

It’s our sincere pleasure to unveil The SketchUp Showcase, a home for the most impressive, interesting, and inspiring project stories that have been shared with us.

Why a new showcase? Often, when you find an amazing model in the 3D Warehouse, it doesn't tell the full story behind a project. You can download it and see how it was built. But you probably wouldn’t get a sense of why it was built. Where did the inspiration come from? What were the design challenges the modeler faced? What happened after the model was finished? The story just isn’t complete.

The Showcase is a space where the stories, images, renders, animations, and 3D models of passionate SketchUppers can shine a bit brighter.

What was the inspiration behind this 3D model? | Image courtesy of Roberto Bergamo

But that's not all – the Showcase is also a first look at a new element of SketchUp technology: an online 3D model viewer. This 3D viewer lets you orbit, zoom, and pan 3D models right in your browser! To see it in action, find a project marked with a red flag or simply click here. Please note: you’ll need to use the latest version of Google Chrome to take advantage of the WebGL goodness that makes this viewer possible.

Go ahead and start exploring now; content is organized by category filters, so you can easily find projects based on your interests.

A project page featuring the new online 3D viewer | The Catalyst Playground in Vietnam

Finally, our team would like to dedicate the SketchUp Showcase to all the passionate SketchUppers who’ve supported us for over a decade. As we enter a new chapter with Trimble, we hope the Showcase and the online viewer are proof that SketchUp is only getting better. It’s clichéd to say we wouldn’t be much of anywhere without you, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Thank you for all of the love (sometimes tough) you’ve sent our way. Your passion for SketchUp is still what gets us out of bed in the morning.

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Unknown said...

Will you be making the online 3D model viewer available for people to use on their own sites? This seems to be different (and much better) from the 3D viewer on the 3D warehouse.

Unknown said...

@Unknown: Yes, that would be cool, wouldn't it?

Kurt Meister said...

If I could embed this 3D model viewer on my website, that would be great. :-)

Whizzcube said...

Have been using hypercosm for online content publishing to web but this online viewer is Google chrome native ... coool . When and where can i get my hands on this

Unknown said...

Olha eu uso a muito tempo, mas hoje passei por uma das experiencias mais desagradáveis da minha vida com um programa de cad. A aba de arquivos do programa em português existe um comando chamado reverter que acabou com o meu trabalho de horas e sem avisar e nada. Como alguém pode colocar um comando desses.

Falo isso, pois acredito que vocês podem e devem melhorar isso. Sou alguém que sempre recomendou o software de vocês, mas isso foi uma das piores coisas que eu já vi em um software.

Unknown said...

Guys, I'm sorry, but image uploading does not seem to work for me or anyone else I've asked to check it. Can you look into that, please?

Try to add an image using "Add an image" button. For me it's just stuck indefinitely, with circular upload gif spinning for hours to no avail. This problem persisted for two days, so it's probably not something random and temporary.

Other than that, it's looking absolutely awesome and I can't wait to be able to submit my work there!

nickelinmyshoe said...

bac9-flcl - what "Add an image" button are you referring to?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

I wonder why, but image upload in showcase is still not working. Guys, can you look into the issue?

blogger said...

What is the latest version of Chrome please? How is a user supposed to know whether they have the latest version? Neither your post here nor the page that you link to says what version is the latest.

Sketchup and Google Earth have the same shortcoming, which I have been complaining about for ages with nothing being done. They just say Version 8 for example, without indicating which release level it is.

blogger said...

Is there any way of panning in the new viewer please? When you zoom in you can see fine detail but only at the one spot. You cannot pan to see the detail elsewhere.

SketchUp Team said...

@bac9-flcl (and others):

We're sorry the image upload process is temporarily broken -- we had to shut it off while we migrate our online presence from Google to Trimble. Please hang in there; we can't wait to see your submissions : )

Take care, and apologies, again,


SketchUp Team said...


To Pan, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard while you're Orbiting. The cursor doesn't change (we're looking into that), but the tool does. Sorry for the confusion.

- Aidan

Anonymous said...

I love the design of the showcase!!!
I would like that the 3d warehouse had the same design (and also the same online 3D viewer). It would be a real website of (3d) design, and would be amazing!

Unknown said...


Thanks for letting us know! No worries, that's an absolutely understandable reason. I'll wait as long as needed (might as well use that time to polish stuff even more, lol).

Best regards,