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Introducing SketchUp 2013

Less than a year after joining the Trimble family, it’s our pleasure to announce the arrival of SketchUp 2013. For this release, we focused on two things: building an ecosystem that makes it easier for millions of SketchUp modelers to find and use the plugins and extensions they need, and continuing to turbocharge SketchUp Pro’s documentation and presentation features (in the form of LayOut). We think you’ll be really excited about both—we certainly are.

Extension Warehouse: A smarter approach to SketchUp plugins

Can SketchUp do X, Y, or Z? Extension Warehouse is the place to find out.

Over the years, our beloved plugin developers—the folks who use our Ruby scripting tools to build add-ons for SketchUp—have created some truly amazing features. Historically, these extensions have been crazy useful, laughably affordable, and (for the most part) incredibly difficult to find. No more.

For 2013, we built a repository of extensions—an Extension Warehouse, in our parlance—that provides a one-stop shop for anyone looking to customize their copy of SketchUp. This one new feature is actually dozens (eventually hundreds) of new features, all ready and waiting for you to discover. Using the Extension Warehouse to find, install and update plugins is a simple operation. And best of all, it all happens right inside SketchUp.

By far the best way to get to the Extension Warehouse is by clicking its icon in SketchUp 2013's main toolbar.

When you visit the Extension Warehouse, you’ll notice it’s every bit a modern app store: most-popular lists, user reviews, download statistics, introductory videos and more. Clicking a plugin’s “Install” button takes care of just about everything that used to make Ruby scripts so cumbersome to use. No more digging around for your plugins directory. No more unpacking files and folders into precise locations in your file system. No more wondering why this can’t all be easier. Because now it is.

LayOut in SketchUp Pro 2013: More tools for turning your models into drawings

We’ve heard that you’d like to take your SketchUp models farther into the documentation part of your workflow. For that, we’re continuing to turn LayOut in SketchUp Pro into a full-fledged tool for creating scaled, annotated and dimensioned drawings from your models. In this version, we’ve added hatching and other pattern fills, speedier vector rendering, better zoom, more useful callouts and other improvements we think you’ll love.

The complete list of details about what’s new in SketchUp Pro 2013 is too long to include in this blog post. We’ve written another one just for that purpose: SketchUp Pro 2013: A closer look at LayOut.

SketchUp Make: A new brand for an old favorite

We decided that the free version of SketchUp needed a name and a brand of its own. Now the word “SketchUp” refers to a product family of which there are two members: SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make. The latter is still free, international, and aimed squarely at every treehouse builder, 3D printing wizard, and pinewood derby all-star in the universe. It’s a reflection of our commitment to our “3D for Everyone” mantra, and I’m super proud to say it’s here to stay. Read all about it here: re(Introducing) SketchUp Make.

We know there’s been some confusion about choosing the right version of SketchUp in the past, so we want to be absolutely clear about this going forward. If you’re working on a personal project, SketchUp Make is for you. If you’re doing professional or commercial work, SketchUp Pro is for you. You’ll notice we’ve clarified that SketchUp Make is “not licensed for commercial work.” We think SketchUp Pro can help our professional users do amazing things, and with their support, we have every intention of making it an even better tool for modeling, documentation, and communication. And if you need 3D modeling in the classroom, in a makerspace, or in your garage, this change doesn’t affect you at all: SketchUp Make is free and here to stay.

Upgrade and Support, all rolled into one

Starting today, we’re introducing a simplified Upgrade and Support program for SketchUp Pro. It goes like this: When you buy a new license for SketchUp Pro 2013, you’re also buying a year’s worth of included upgrades (major and minor), email tech support, and phone support for installation and licensing issues. If you already have a SketchUp Pro license that you need to upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2013, you can purchase the same Upgrade and Support program separately. We think it’s a good deal, and we think you will, too. Find out more about it here: Upgrading to SketchUp Pro 2013.

Posted by John Bacus, SketchUp Team

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Unknown said...

Awesome work John, as well as the rest of the SU team! Looking forward to the next Basecamp.

KasiaS said...

Great job, few good improvements.
But what we really need is 64-bit version of Sketchup!
Hopefully it will come soon...

StrayKatStudio said...

Wait... so... I can't sell models made from SketchUp "Make"? I HAVE to buy Pro if I'm going to make money off modeling?
I'm happy the program is progressing, but that really hurts my bottom line, guys. I don't model that much anyway. Can we just call it a "hobby that I get paid for" instead of "commercial" and call it good? I don't actually make enough to support myself through modeling, so is it "commercial"? And I don't make enough to justify buying Pro.
Man, between being squeezed into buying Pro and being squeezed by Google Earth's likely auto-replacing my models any day anyway... I need to find another line of... "hobby"...

What if I just don't upgrade to SketchUp 2013? Then can I legally still sell my SketchUp models?

TyR76 said...

Well ... personally i think this release is some kind of useless for most real pro-users.

You should out much more focus on a 64bit and/or Multicore version and make the whole program faster! I use sketchup since 4 years, and it dies not getting faster and more reliable. THAT is a real disadvantage!

I still miss the separation of modelind and some kind of render view, and i am not talking about scenes. It´s still no fun to render final scenes! There are still bugs which make some screens render in 5 minutes and some render in 30 minutes ... in the SAME model!

The OpenGL support still sucks.

... and so on, and so on ...

The only reson why i am using sketchup is because it´s still the fastes way to make fast designs. If Cinema4D would be as fast in modeling the things i need, i would use this.

I really hope that the next update will bring real performance enhancements!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

All those years for few new icons, i really want to work with the sketchup team, it must be very relax.

Macker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

We're proud of this release and the features it contains, though some of them (like performance improvements) aren't always the easiest things to understand.

If you want to discuss any of your ideas about SketchUp's future or past, our Feature Request forum ( ) is the best place to do it. You'll see SketchUp Engineers and Product Managers posting in there frequently.


Anonymous said...

Please take into account these proposal for two additional options in SketchUp:

1. Please add the option to choose the keyboard+mouse combination for navigation (pan, rotate ...).
This could be a very good option so each user to have the possibility to have a single way to navigate in SU and the other programs he uses.
Tekla Structures (now with Trimble) has Ctrl+wheel mouse to rotate.
AutoCAD has Shift+wheel mouse to rotate.
Also, in these programs you do pan with wheel mouse.

So, for navigation commands (pan, rotate ...), you can add:
- default SketchUp;
- 2 combo boxes (one for keys and one for mouse buttons), in order to choose (as example Ctrl+mousewheel=rotate, and wheel=pan).

2. Please add solids.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


I've moved your feature requests to our Feature Request forum ( where we have better tools and a larger community to join the discussion.


Glen Rowell ( said...

Will this release have an easier way to apply textures to the back and front of faces at the same time? Also an easier way to rotate textures. Rotating timber textures takes over 4 clicks per surface now. I would love an icon to rotate the texture 90 degrees. Also something like "shift + apply color", to do both faces at the same time. Rendering programs usually get the faces the wrong way around.

Microscop said...

after installing sketchup make 2013 it was reported that I was left with 8:00 before the end of the trial version. I did not ask PRO! sketchup now no longer free to use? Farewell sketchup

mightyquinn said...

Bless you! The exact improvements Layout needed (Vector Fills/Hatches! Speed ! Zoom!) and no real monkeying with the almost perfect (yes, it's true, large models are still too damn slow) Sketchup!
Trimble's first foray into upgrading Sketchup brings me back from the despair Google hath wrought these past six long years.

Unknown said...

I am unable to install SketchyPhysics on SketchUp Make. It seems to get confused after installation, and won't load. SketchyPhysics is a really useful and amazing plugin. I hope that the SP development team can fix this. I'll post to the SketchUcation forum to see how they're doing with it.

ziama said...

i was waiting for a new things in sketchup 2013 but really no interesting changes i was waiting for a version where the imortant plugin would be intgrated in it !! etc... :/

Anonymous said...

Hi ziama,

In fact we have integrated the important plugins- with the addition of Extension Warehouse. You should expect to see us release many new extensions through that in the future.


Anonymous said...

Hi Unknown,

Sketchy Physics is one of my favorite SketchUp Extensions, too. With the release of Extension Warehouse we've built in a support system for folk like the author of Sketchy Physics that dramatically simplifies their interaction with the core SketchUp client. I hope we'll see Sketchy Physics submitted to the Warehouse soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Microscop,

SketchUp Make installations give you 8 free hours to try all the features of SketchUp Pro after installation. We are working on some new messaging to clarify this for future downloaders, but fear not- you installed SketchUp Make and are free to use it as long as you like.


KasiaS said...

It's a shame, that I can no longer change the layer of an lement by typing the first letter of the layer name.
I used to do that all the time in Sketchup 8 and I can see that this it not possible in Sketchup 2013.
This was allowing me to work very fast. Now not only this doesn't work, but also the layers display only 7 names and it is so annoying that you need to use the scroll bar up and down to find the layer you are after.
Can't understand why this has changed...

Anonymous said...

Hei dudes, i´m testing the new sketc, all the new icons looks perfect and more beautiful, but the new orbit cursor it´s not good in my opinion, it´s looks like rotate only left-right. Abraço!

Unknown said...

Hi KasisaS,

I'm not familiar with any change to Layers in SU2013 which would have caused the change you mention, but would be keen to explore the problem further. Our support guys are hanging out in the Help Forums ( and should be able to help you with this issue.


Glen Rowell ( said...

This is just a question about the newer version of SketchUp. Can SketchUp 2013 import the text from Autocad files? The older version of SketchUp didn't work so all the text had to be exploded in Autocad. It would be nice being able to import Autocad files and see what people have written in them, without having to tell them to explode all the text before they send files.

plah said...

Why I cannot find sketchucation plugin store
at the Extension Warehouse?
It offers a easy access to more that 600 plugins.
I'm getting a impression that this plugin is not approved to warehouse by Trimble for some reason, why is it so?

K said...

Glad to see LayOut getting the attention it needs. Keep up the good work SU team - looks like the improvements are coming faster and are more substantial each time.


Unknown said...

In the past, new features have been added to Sketchup Pro and then made available into Sketchup Free during later releases. I had been hoping that the ability to create dynamic components would follow this model eventually, but I see that Sketchup 2013 ("Make") still doesn't allow *creating* dynamic components: only using existing ones. I've never really understood the business logic behind limiting the creation of dynamic components to Sketchup Pro users: I would have thought that open up that ability to all users would result in vastly more useful dynamic components in the 3d warehouse.

Any feedback on this topic would be very welcome: is it likely that dynamic component (creation) will be back-ported into Sketchup "Make" at some point, or is there still a compelling reason to limit that feature to the Pro users?

Many thanks - Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi StrayKatStudio -

Tom from the SketchUp team here. You asked a great question...

"What if I just don't upgrade to SketchUp 2013? Then can I legally still sell my SketchUp models?"

The answer is yes. Happy modeling, building...and selling.

Tom Wyman

nintari said...

Can someone please direct me to where the release notes are for changes made to the Ruby APIs for SketchUp 2013. My extension no longer works, and I need to figure out what has changed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi nintari,

I see you've already posted into the developer group looking for an answer to this question. That's certainly the best place to talk through changes and get help understanding them. Also, there's some info in our Release Notes (


Unknown said...

I would love to see a version for Linux or if not Linux then Android. I'll install on the one Windows machine we have or maybe the Windows partition on my laptop external drive. I don't like the windows option, but I like SketchUp too much to not have it available.

Rashid said...

Wait... Even if I just bought Sketchup Pro a month ago or so, I still have to buy the 2013 version again??? WTH??

Thom Ives said...

I am hoping that you will offer this for Linux soon!

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Thom: A full port of SketchUp to Linux is frequently requested by Linux users, but it isn't something we're likely going to be able to support. Support for running SketchUp on Wine has really gotten pretty good- I think that is the best and most viable alternative for Linux users today.

This topic is frequently discussed in our Feature Request forum (


Dave K said...

I agree with StrayCatStudio... sketchup users seem to be forced into the pro version even if they are doing freelance "commercial work" or working on startups with little to no funds.

According to the terms / license agreement I can no longer use Sketchup for commercial use without paying $500+ ... What if I charge someone for 3d modelling something? What if I want to just use the basic features?

I think the terms should allow anyone to use Sketchup make for commercial or non-commercial and Sketchup pro trial simply becomes Make after the 8 hr time limit - but there is no restriction on commercial/non-commercial use of Make.. and no requirement to upgrade to pro

Unknown said...

I don't appreciate the usage restriction of not allowing install to virtual server. The use of virtual computers is growing every day.

Matthew said...

Is there any way to get rid of the annoying splash screen or am I forced into making another step? The previous version had a check box to go right into Sketchup. This is pretty annoying.

Anonymous said...

Is there no way to upgrade international sales direct from Trimble now? I have always done that in the past with no problems (of course, thru @Last and Google before). Sort of a bummer, I don't want to deal with a reseller where I live. Odd change, too...

Anonymous said...

I've been using the Extension Warehouse somewhat successfully, but I find if I try to go to several plugins, it signs me out of the Extension Warehouse and I cannot successfully download the plugin. It just keeps returning to the same window with the red Sign In button. There's a bug.

_ said...

Where is the checkbox to disable the "Welcome to SketchUp" dialog box? Please don't tell me you have stooped to the level of forcing people to upgrade to pro just to get rid of it. Many sketchup users can't even afford to do so, and this dialog will not suddenly change their minds; it is annoying. Let us disable the stupid dialog and go straight into sketchup make.

Gonzalo said...

Welcome SketchUp Make

1) Please let us disable the "Welcome to SketchUp" dialog box. It's annoying.

2) The large tool set won't turn into a two column bar when I put it on the left of my netbook's small screen. I would appreciate that, it worked fine on SketchUp 8.

Unknown said...

I' a SketchUp Pro user and agree with Gonzalo: The large toolbar needs to split when placed on the left side of the screen.

Also, while I don't like the new 'sketchy buttons' the orbit one is such a deviation from the old one, that it makes it hard to find and use.

Expanding the software to use multi-cores/multi-processors would be of great benefit.

Unknown said...

so i can only use plugin's with sketchup pro?

Unknown said...

This sketch up is really great to have. It's new to me but as i have experienced it in last some days, i found it really great.
licensed builder

Rick said...

I know Sketchup 2013 is not built natively for Linux yet,
like other Google products,
but it would be great to see a "Sketchup for Linux" in 2014.

SWAGAT said...

hello sir,
while i name the dimensions in sketch up its default clour is grey.
can we change the default colour.
its quite difficult to view the dimensions.
kindly help me.