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Upgrading to SketchUp Pro 2013

We’re super excited about the launch of SketchUp Pro 2013. We listened very carefully to user requests which led to some amazing new changes, such as hatch patterns in LayOut and a new Extension Warehouse. However, there’s another feature that we’re excited to announce today, but it’s one that you won’t find in the toolbar.

Going forward, purchasing major version upgrades for SketchUp Pro will no longer be an unpredictable process. Now, you can get ahead of the game and pre-pay for major versions with our yearly upgrade, maintenance, and support program for $95 ($150 for network licenses). So with your license upgrade (or new license purchase), you’re also purchasing one year of coverage for future upgrades to SketchUp Pro. If you’re on the program and we release a new version of SketchUp Pro in nine months, your license gets upgraded at no additional charge. Pre-paying for upgrades in this way has been a popular feature request from Pro customers who want to have a predictable budget and make it easier for their company to be on the latest version.

But wait, there’s more! With this program, customers are also entitled to one year of friendly email technical support from our crack team of experts and—for the first time in six years—phone support for installing and licensing issues. If you’d like to get the nitty gritty details about our support going forward, check out our new Knowledge Center article for more information.

So, if you’re an existing SketchUp Pro customer and you’d like to upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2013, head over to our online store to keep up-to-date with SketchUp Pro. A few other things you should know about upgrading:

  • You can upgrade any active commercial license from SketchUp Pro 8, 7, 6... you get the gist.
  • You’ll need your most recent license info: serial number, registered user and company name. If you can’t find that stuff, retrieve it here.
  • If you purchased your license through one of our authorized resellers, please contact that reseller directly for their upgrade terms.
  • After you upgrade, we’ll email you license info and a link to download SketchUp Pro 2013.
  • Non-expired EDU licenses may upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2013 for free; you’ll need to contact your educational reseller to upgrade.
  • SketchUp Pro licenses (still) never expire, so if you decide to skip an upgrade one year, you simply keep using your current version of SketchUp Pro.

If you have questions or comments about the upgrade, maintenance, and support program, please check out this handy Q&A. We’ve also started a Help Forum discussion where SketchUppers will be happy to lend a hand.

Posted by Tommy Acierno on behalf of the SketchUp team

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Unknown said...

Sounds simple, affordable and painless, thank you!

Unknown said...

The upgrade path is either not working or a massive pain in the arse. I have a pro licence and my authorisation info and it still won't let me through. Then yo ask me to fill out more forms, how many times do you want my fricking details

Anonymous said...

Please take into account these proposal for two additional options in SketchUp:

1. Please add the option to choose the keyboard+mouse combination for navigation (pan, rotate ...).
This could be a very good option so each user to have the possibility to have a single way to navigate in SU and the other programs he uses.
Tekla Structures (now with Trimble) has Ctrl+wheel mouse to rotate.
AutoCAD has Shift+wheel mouse to rotate.
Also, in these programs you do pan with wheel mouse.

So, for navigation commands (pan, rotate ...), you can add:
- default SketchUp;
- 2 combo boxes (one for keys and one for mouse buttons), in order to choose (as example Ctrl+mousewheel=rotate, and wheel=pan).

2. Please add solids.

Thank you

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keeps said...

The installer for mac is messed up. After decompressing the DMG, you get a ghosted window in the finder which hides the application file you need to drag to the app folder.