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This ain't our first rodeo

It’s always been a SketchUp tradition to include a member of our team as the default component. Functionally, we include these 2D figures to lend a sense of scale and perspective when you first open SketchUp. Without a scale figure, it would be impossible to tell if you were looking at the origin from 10 feet away or from 10,000.

But our scale figures are also subtle nods to the friendly folks on our team. Bryce, Sang, Susan; these people have all played an important role in the development of SketchUp. They’re also great friends. So, who is the scale figure for SketchUp 2013?

Introducing Derrick, the scale figure for SketchUp 2013

It has been about one year since we were acquired by Trimble. It has also been one year since we lost the person who made it all happen. Derrick Darby was Trimble's champion for our acquisition, and was very excited to move to Boulder, Colorado and continue his career with us. Sadly, he passed away just as the deal was closing, leaving behind a beautiful wife and three talented sons.

Derrick had the kind of rare, infectious personality that made us feel like we’d known him for a lifetime, even if we’d just met him. He was a true southern gentlemen. And although he wasn't with us as we unpacked on our first day at Trimble, we wouldn't be where we are today without his leadership and thoughtfulness. Derrick was a visionary and an innovator who previously sold two of his own companies to Trimble. He had been around the block with technology creation, acquisition, integration and strategy -- creating jobs and opportunity for many along the way. Derrick liked to say that the SketchUp acquisition wasn’t Trimble’s first rodeo. We hope it's one that continues kicking up dust for generations.

A few past and present members of the SketchUp team

So, picking a scale figure for SketchUp 2013 was an easy decision. Derrick remains an integral part of our team and family, and we couldn't think of a better way to remember him than to share a bit of Derrick’s personality with world of SketchUp users. The next time you open SketchUp, take a moment to interact with Derrick's component (Tools > Interact) and send some good vibes to guy who was largely responsible for SketchUp’s third act.

Posted by Chris Keating, on behalf of the SketchUp team

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gerrrg said...

Truly, a nice gesture to memorialize Derrick.

Unknown said...

What a great gesture! Always so disappointing when a great and talented person leaves us prematurely. Although most of us never met Derrick, I am sure we will all think of him when we open SU.

Integrating Khanatic said...

What a beautiful post. I continue to marvel at the creative and supportive community around Sketchup which I am looking forward to sharing with my daughters just as Derrick would have done with his kids.

NVizeon said...

Yee Haw!!!