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Trimble Connect is a collaboration platform for building construction projects. It plugs into SketchUp via a free extension that lets you pull down and publish models, as well as work with reference models in your own project.

This week, at Dimensions, we launched Trimble Connect -- a new website for architects and those who work with them to collaborate on building construction projects of all levels of complexity.

You can sign up for a Connect account today (single user accounts are free), but don’t stop there. We're also releasing a Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp today which lets you work with Connect right inside the SketchUp modeling environment. You can install it for free from our Extension Warehouse.

For years, SketchUp users have asked us to improve data interoperability and to offer better ways to collaborate with others. Using the new Trimble Connect extension, coupled with a subscription to Trimble Connect online, you can publish your work for others to use, as well as reference their work back into your own SketchUp models. Reference data from Connect can be updated as changes are made without fuss. And you can coordinate models from multiple contributors using all kinds of different software together on one common space — and offer comments and requests for additional information all from one convenient interface.

SketchUp is only one of a collection of Connected applications announced today. You can also share models with Tekla Structures, Vico Office, Trimble Business Center and many other applications as well. In addition, we are now Connected with other products outside the Trimble family, including Bentley ProjectWise CONNECTED edition. And because Connect is built on GTeam (a product we recently acquired from Gehry Technologies), it already works with Rhino, AutoCAD, and IFC files. We've always said that your data belongs to you -- with Trimble Connect, it's easier than ever to work with that data in the tool or your choice.

Trimble Connect is still a young product, and we have grand plans for its future. But I think you’ll already find much in it that is useful to you and the folks with whom you collaborate every day. Come on in and take a look around -- and let us know what you think.

Special note for Makers: we built Connect with the construction industry in mind, but there's plenty of useful stuff in there for folks that work on projects of all different kinds. Single user accounts will always be free... and we support a bunch of file formats that you're going to find useful in your work, too.

Posted by John Bacus, SketchUp Product Management Director

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