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The dangerous lovechild of the SketchUpdate and Web 2.0

With the launch of this blog, we of the SketchUp team hereby declare our entry into the geektastic world of Web 2.0 existence. We would like to thank you for checking us out, and we hope you'll come back often. That's enough with the formalities.

This blog aims to continue the tradition of informal monologue established by the
SketchUpdate, a monthly (in the loosest sense of the term) email newsletter that we've been sending out to the SketchUp faithful for the last seven years. Of course, seven years ago, there were no blogs (or podcasts, or wikis), so we thought we were pretty spiffy and au courant ; we delivered a fresh, hot newsletter into hundreds of thousands of email inboxes years before that sort of thing was considered a mild form of assault. We'll continue to send the SketchUpdate, but we thought we might be able to do even better with a blog. So here we are.

What do we plan to include? In short, everything. The nice thing about blogging (as opposed to e-newslettering) is that this blog can include all the great stuff we didn't have room for in the SketchUpdate every month. It can (and will) also include images, videos, links to models in the
3D Warehouse, and other things that we think SketchUp users will get a kick out of. Notes from our developers, case studies from our users, tips and tricks from our trainers—the SketchUp Blog is going to be a veritable smorgasbord of SketchUp-related information. We invite you to pig out.

One last thing: you can leave comments on this blog by clicking on the "comments" link at the bottom of most posts. Go nuts!

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Michael said...

"Of course, seven years ago, there were no blogs (or podcasts, or wikis)"

Hmm. You lack a sense of history:

Aidan Chopra said...

Oops -- you're right. I guess I meant blogs and wikis and podcasts that I knew about. Thanks for the correction!

Coen Naninck said...

Great to see this Aidan, finally. I hope there will be no confusion though, as my blog is also named SketchUp Blog.
I will blog this blog. :)

Tony said...

you will find nice SU stuff on my blog. Feel free to make a link in "what we're reading"

Coen Naninck said...

Hey Tony

Is there any way I can promote your 3d modeling site a bit more? If so, let me know either here or send me a PM through SUC.


a short film all made in sketch up

TraceParts said...

Dear all,
You can find 100+ million free standard parts available as SketchUp 3D models on the 3D Warehouse:

Each collection contains a sample SketchUp model and a link to all the other possible configurations, directly on TraceParts Online CAD Library (

Suppliers' catalogs have never been so close to SketchUp user community !

Paxton said...

Glad to hear you finally escaped the big black book writing hole! Looking forward to reading your witty style of prose again. Remember I still owe you a BBQ lunch!

Anne said...

From Anne Chapman

As an engineer I find sketchup very useful. I like its intuitive approach and it helps a great deal to visualise a structure.

Harimohan said...

Till Sketch Up appeared we used to Sketch Down our ideas on paper, and then look for softwares... Life has changed... we don't look down any more.

Don East said...

Wow, I've only been using SketchUp since April. As a lifetime artist, I have a new brush. Two things I would like to work on are pattern making and creating 3d people. Can any of you suggest Blogs or other tutorials that I can find that will give me ideas and tools to work in these areas. Boy am I hooked.
Thanks SketchUp creators.

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