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SketchUp trainers wanted

Posted by James Therrien, Training and Education Manager

NOTE: This post is very old; we are no longer seeking SketchUp trainers.

Want to try your hand at being a SketchUp trainer for a year? We have several full-time (but temporary) trainer positions open in the U.S. While working with Google under a year-long contract, you'll see the country, train folks on SketchUp, and get paid for doing it. Ideal candidates are folks who love to show off their SketchUp skills publicly and love helping others. If you're an expert in SketchUp and have a professional background or education using SketchUp, please forward your resume to

Update Training positions are no longer listed on the Google jobs website, so here's some more information about them:


  • Weekly travel to training locations around the US
  • Lead training classes of up to 10 students
  • Learn and employ SketchUp training content and methods
  • Provide all required feedback and expense reporting
  • Other duties as assigned
  • BA/BS degree
  • Experience with SketchUp or other complex 3D or DTP design software
  • Ability to communicate complex issues/concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Comfort in public speaking
  • Experience in adult learning is helpful
If you're interested, please forward your resume to

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Jason Holtslander said...

I'd be interested in this. If the position is open to residents of Canada.

Jason Holtslander said...

Thanks to the Google SketchUp folks for the Canadian contact lead.

To bad it wasn't something FT.

Manuel Rodrigo De la said...

it is open for foreign people, i live in PERU, maybe a bilingual trainer... =)

Zane said...

so how do we possibly hire a trainer? I'm a newbie that would love to learn some advanced features...

Anonymous said...

I am from Singapore having teached sketchup for couple of months. Can I apply?

ssim said...

Is this available for foreigners? I have been an avid user of sketchup for many years.

rajeeva sri lanka architecture student said...

Can I do this for part time online. im a university student in Sri Lanka, Moratuwa, Katubedda.
Im doing Architecture and have been practicing sketchup for months and im really interested to do a job that in the 3d model making in architcture.

Anonymous said...

I have been using Sketchup for three years. But I don't have a BA degree. I would really enjoy a job like this.

Stef Williams said...

Are there any similar positions current or planned for the UK?

beemidi328 said...

I have more than 2 years of experience with sketchup ,photoshop.I have worked with concept3d projects all the time.But I have never trained any body before.what are the pay constraints and loction of this position that you are offering.

Eric Leong said...

I would love to do this. How do I sign up?

Anonymous said...

my name is shaban, i live in egypt, i have been using sketchup for almost 2 years, i can say that i am an expert, i used to teach sketchup to my friends, i am an interior designer and sketchup is my favorit software doing my job, my question is : can i do this online? i can show you samples of my work, thanx

jvleearch said...

I just attempted to submit a resume' to and received a bounceback message indicating that the email address is not recognized. Does this mean that Google is no longer seeking trainers? If trainers are currently being solicited, please inform me as to how to submit my information.

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

Google has some real problems in the one-to-one contact department. That's what's gonna sink them trying to get enterprises to take them seriously. Business needs real tech support with live humans - not vague e-mail addresses that bounce suddenly with no explanation. YOu'll notice nobody from Google is responding to any of the questions here... that runs counter to "Web 2.0". If it were Dell or even Microsoft, someone would have sent you a "Tweet" a couple minutes after you asked the question. At Google, you email into a black hole and are expected to accept that as 'customer support'. It isn't.

SketchUp Team said...

Thank you for inquiring about our SketchUp trainer position. We currently do not have any openings. If you would like to send your resume to we will keep it on file and review it when a position becomes available.

sex said...








Aníbal Ignacio Sanguineti said...

Hi, I´m Aníbal, from Córdoba, Argentina.
I have been using SketchUp for about 3 years and during 2008 I teach the basic concepts of SketchUp to my partners in my Architecture School (Universidad Blas Pascal).
In 2009 my CAD teacher offers me the possibility to teach in depth SU to other students in this University.
Maybe if you are looking for people beyond US, I´ll be glad to have a job like this.

SnowTiger said...

I too would appreciate access to the "Canadian Contact Lead" please.
I am a Qualified Facilitator trained and certified by "Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing".
Furthermore, I have worked with SketchUp for around 6 years and SoftPlan (CAD) for 15 years. I also come from a family of Teachers.

Marc Levy said...

Is this position still available

Editor said...

I'm a graduate student of architecture at the University of Oregon. Graduating in June 2010.

I use SketchUp constantly - and already help my fellow students with the program.

Might be a great fit - but how do I apply? The email you have listed no longer is valid.


Aiden Humphrey

Barry said...

I have a possible project to hire someone to import models which we have generated of a large residential project in Rhino to Sketch up. The Rhino files are approximately 400 mb. Please email me if interested.

Cheers, Winick Architecture + Design