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Who's that scale figure?

You've probably noticed the little person who appears in every new SketchUp file you create -- in fact, you've probably deleted him more times than you can count. Or maybe you're one of the hundreds of people who delight in doing funny things to him and uploading him to the 3D Warehouse.

Here why he's there: Sometimes it's hard to know how big something is when you're just sketching it out for the first time. So we added a scale figure (a person, basically) to some of our default SketchUp templates. That way, you can rough out an idea by modeling relative to the person, instead of by paying close attention to the Value Control Box. Having a little dude on the screen also helps new users figure out which way is up.

With each new release, we've used a different member of the SketchUp team for that scale figure. In SketchUp 6, the lucky victim is Bryce, but we've also used Sandra, Greg and me in earlier releases. If you look in the "2D People" collection in the 3D Warehouse, you can see components for lots of other SketchUp folks, too. So next time you're deleting Bryce, remember that he's a real person, and that he has feelings, too. Then go ahead and erase him. I do it dozens of times a day – and I sit right next to him.

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Unknown said...

Broken link for the word 'folks' :)

Nice post!

Unknown said...

Fixed!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Still not working...

Llàtzer said...

jajaja, nice to know!

Anonymous said...

We should create the "annual clippy award" for the best scale figure.

Jouleman said...

I just Change my default template, when I feel I'm falling in love whit this "Bryce" Guy and erase it it's getting hard.

Anonymous said...

So how big exactly is Bryce? Would be useful to know this if he's used as a scale figure...

Anonymous said...

se ele usa a camiseta por cima de outra camiseta, deveria usar uma bermuda por cima da calça! e criar um novo modelo para os mais loucos apresentarem suas criações para seus clientes!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have a choice of action figures. I would prefer to have a pole scale measured in feet. Say 10 feet high in one foot increments. It would serve teh same purpose as the action figure.

Bryce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bryce said...

Hi Mike

Check out this help article on templates. You can create your own template with any scale figure you like.


Anonymous said...

i keep sticking him inside my buildings so he can see the inside lol

Anonymous said...



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Unknown said...








Unknown said...

Ha, Cool!

Got him replaced in the template by Donald Duck!