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SketchUp for film and stage revisited

Posted by Steve Dapkus, Market Development Guy

On June 9th, we hosted Stu Maschwitz and Dan Jennings to round out our focus group for an updated Film and Stage Plugin. We started the show off here in Boulder, with a Cajun breakfast at Lucile's. John Bacus, (one of our Product Managers), mistook the jalapeno jelly for the strawberry rhubarb jam, which turned out to be a pleasantly hot surprise. It didn’t take long for our discussion to turn to how SketchUp and LayOut are used in the film industry, and how the current Film and Stage Plugin fits into that world. We also talked about how it can be enhanced to be more useful to those in our community who use SketchUp’s advanced camera capabilities. if you're interested, check out the video interview with Stu (below), and stay tuned for more in the near future.

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I want his job.

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