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ArchiCAD users rejoice

Posted by Aidan Chopra, Product Evangelist

If you're an ArchiCAD 11 user, you can stop feeling envious of your SketchUp friends' ability to work with Google Earth and the 3D Warehouse. The folks at Graphisoft (makers of ArchiCAD) just announced something called Google Earth Connections, which should make you feel a whole lot better.

If you use ArchiCAD, the full scope of the Google Earth/3D Warehouse workflow is now available to you. You can import models from the 3D Warehouse. You can upload models to the 3D Warehouse. You can send your ArchiCAD models to Google Earth and view them in context. The Graphisoft site has all the juicy details.

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Anonymous said...

...which is great, unless you use a Mac, in which case the add-on is unavailable.

sityu said...

A [save as/*.gsm] or [export/*.gsm] would be great. And an "show gsm source" plugin with parametrical gsm editing functions and/or a browser-plugin-like gsm viewer plugin, with moveable, automatic 2d symbol projection plane (I do regularly parametric gsm objects of medium complexity 3d objects, so I would use the sketchup more often to make just 3d objects, for ac11, not complete 3d scenes).

I think it wouldn't so hard, but I'm not familiar in coding (I started learning ruby but I had no time to complete much). I think ruby would be a good tool to write a compiler like this.

You can contact me by my gmail or callto://talmacsi

Anonymous said...

The use of a view field that follows the pencil direction to avoid all those tiresome pans,orbits,mags and back steps.

Anonymous said...



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