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Hypercosm revisited

Posted by Chris Dizon, SketchUp Account Manager

In last September's SketchUpdate, we mentioned a very cool (though PC-only) product called the Hypercosm Teleporter. Basically, it allows you to securely embed a SketchUp model into a web page and navigate (orbit, pan and zoom) just like you can in SketchUp. Too cool!

The Hypercosm team has apparently been quite busy; they've made some big feature enhancements for the professional community that focus on better collaboration and communication. These include new annotation tools, a measure tool, an email tool, and more. You should also take a look at the Skin feature of the Teleporter. It's a great way to publish the SketchUp model in your own custom web page. If you're on a Windows computer, you can check out some of their example models in their SketchUp Model Gallery.

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Qole Pejorian said...

Um, it's worse than "PC-only"; Teleporter is Windows-only. It doesn't work over here in Linux-land.

Qole Pejorian said...

I now see why you wrote "PC-only," since your product, unlike most Google products, also has no Linux version. So, naturally, "PC" means "Windows" to you.

Anonymous said...

It's also Pro only - only pro users can use the exporter.

Anonymous said...

And it's not in Sketchup format - it's a proprietary format that uses a Plug in that runs on Java.

Ryan said...

The previous comment is wrong. The Plug-in does NOT use java. The proprietary format/player is a standard c++ plug-in that can communicate with javascript.

Donz said...

will Google ever release a Linux version of sketchUp, or not?

Anonymous said...



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