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More SketchUp videos on YouTube

Posted by Tyson Kartchner, Learning Guru

Video tutorials have been part of the SketchUp experience since... well, for quite a long time. SketchUp has grown a lot since then, and since we try our best to keep up, we're very happy to announce our latest and greatest additions to our existing videos. We've created two new series of videos: One is aimed specifically at new SketchUp users, and the other showcases every tool available through the toolbar. You can find all our new videos on our YouTube channel.

And we aren't stopping there -- we're working on covering as many features and capabilities of SketchUp as we can. We'll be uploading the videos as we go, so be sure to subscribe to our channel to be notified whenever there's a new one. Just so you know, we're currently working on some cool SketchUp technique videos, as well as more in-depth videos on LayOut. Stay tuned!

One more thing: Here's a cool video we uploaded about a month ago:

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coldcoldcold said...

Video no longer available?

AzzQim said...

Wow, you can do so much with sketchup? Nice work! Are there any tutorials?

Pablenko said...

just WOW

RD said...

WoW .... I cant even do the Tyre in an hour !

Anonymous said...



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