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Demeter: A new energy analysis tool for SketchUp

Posted by Chris Cronin, Account Manager, SketchUp

Recently, a number of us were introduced to a team based in Scotland who are working on a great SketchUp integration called Demeter. It's a building energy analysis plugin for SketchUp created by Greenspace Research, and it allows SketchUp users to perform an energy analysis by adding attributes to their model and then connecting the data to the GreenBuildingStudio web service, which returns an energy report. Check out the video to see it in action:

A tool that empowers designers in the conceptual phase, the stage in which they are able to have the greatest impact on the building's carbon footprint, is a big step towards building more efficient buildings. According to Greenspace, here's what the plugin lets you do:

  • Assign properties to surfaces (e.g. surface types, opening types)
  • Identify enclosed spaces (e.g. rooms)
  • Assign surfaces to spaces
  • Check contiguity to make sure that selected faces are enclosed
  • Integrate with the UK and US versions of Green Building Studio to allow for localized energy reports
  • Import existing gbXML files (gbXML is an industry wide standard and has been adopted by some of the leading CAD vendors such as Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Bentley)
  • Export Sketchup models as gbXML
  • Export Sketchup models directly to GBS for instant analysis
  • Attractive 3D user interface using Rich Internet Application technologies including Adobe Flash and Flex

The plugin is currently in beta, and Greenspace Research is currently looking for beta testers. Visit them for more information or to sign up for the beta program. Also, Greenspace Research, along with GreenBuildingStudio, will be demonstrating the plugin this week at Greenbuild in Chicago. (Wow, that's a lot of green!) We're told that interested parties should stop by their booth for additional information.

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sigue2000 said...

I was talking about the creation of a tool like this with a friend a while ago. Great that someone has tackled it.

Anonymous said...

It may not be obvious, but this product is noted to work with Mac OS X as well. Download the .zip file instead of the .exe installer.

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