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Check out our Ruby API

Posted by Sang Ahn, SketchUp Software Engineer

I'm happy to announce that SketchUp finally has its own little corner on Google Code. Do you fancy yourself an enlightened Rubyist? Do you love SketchUp, but wish it could do even more? With the SketchUp Ruby API, anyone can write tools that extend SketchUp's capabilities. In fact, we have an entire Ruby Group populated by people who do exactly that, and a whole SketchUp Ruby API blog to which you can subscribe. The brand-new SketchUp Ruby API section of the Google Code site includes plenty of documentation, as well as examples of what you can create. Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

I've been using Ruby for the last five years. It is a fantastic language and the community if full of extremely cool people. I would like to work on tools for SketchUp, but since all my systems run Linux, I can't. This makes me sad.

saverio said...

How is possible to compile my Ruby script to create my SketchUp Plugin? I don't wont to give my code to everyone...


Sang Ahn said...

Hi Saverio,
You can scramble your Ruby files into *.rbs files which are not human readable, but still interpreted by SketchUp. You can get the scrambler here:

Sang Ahn
SketchUp Engineer

Donz said...

Will Google ever release a Linux version of SketchUp, nor not?

Anonymous said...



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