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Make your own custom styles with Style Builder

Ever wanted to create your own sketchy-edge Style that you can use to make your SketchUp models look hand-drawn? Now you can! It's my pleasure to announce Style Builder (Beta) for SketchUp Pro 6. With this version, you can use Style Builder to build sketchy-edge Styles from scratch. To get started, you create a template of strokes in any image editor (like Adobe Photoshop), then you import that template into Style Builder. You can use anything to make strokes: scanned charcoal, graphite, gouache -- if you can get it into your computer, you can turn it into a stroke for Style Builder.

The application itself is a plug-in for SketchUp Pro 6, and it's available for both Windows and Mac OS X. It's in beta, which means we'd appreciate your help to get it ready for general release. It's also only available in English for now. For more information about putting Style Builder through its paces, check out
the Style Builder information page in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. Also, the SketchUp Help Center has how-to information, and this Help Group is dedicated to discussions about the newest member of the SketchUp family. Take a look at this video to see Style Builder in action:

Update Added links to information pages in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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francis tsai said...

This is AWESOME -

I can't wait to try this out. I use SketchUp quite a lot in my work (freelance illustration and concept design). I've also written an article for ImagineFX magazine about using SketchUp for concept design in the games industry. It's been a significant part of my working tool set.

Pasquale said...

I've made the upgrade to SketchUp 6.4.112 just now but after the install process the Style Builder plugin is not installed on my computer (win).

How to solve the problem?

Bye and Merry Christmas

Bryce said...

Hi Pasquale

Style Builder is not part of the SketchUp pro installer at this time. It must be downloaded and installed separately from SketchUp (although its a good idea to have sketchup installed first). Go the style builder landing page on our site to get it -


awabrams said...

edges colored by axes is an indispensable function when working on intricate models, to prevent errors in plumb, level, and square alignments. but this mode is also distracting when evaluating the model for form, scale, and proportion, as well as the effects of light and shadow.

so it's useful to be able to toggle back and forth with minimum effort.

if i remember correctly, earlier versions of SU had a more readily available set of commands to flip back and forth.

In general i find the current style menu (or menu family) utterly unintutive. many style configs really bog down regeneration, too. Moreover, I think the "artistic" effects are bogus looking.

the beauty of SU used to be simplicity and an intuitive interface.

it's fine to jazz up the program, but i hope google doesn't wreck the program in the process.

3DWarehouser said...

What about the free verison of sketchup

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