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Four days at the zoo

Posted by Aidan Chopra, Product Evangelist

Working our booth at Macworld Expo is always a hoot. It's fun to be among the first to check out the latest Apple hardware (the new MacBook Air is thinner than it looks in the pictures). It's fun to meet Mac geeks (like me) from all over the world, and it's fun to represent Google to such an enthusiastic crowd. But for my money, nothing beats the look on someone's face when they see the Push/Pull tool in action for the first time -- showing SketchUp to folks who have never seen it never gets old.

The Google booth was, to say the least, completely mobbed almost the entire show. In addition to SketchUp, the dozens of Google people working in the booth showed Earth, Maps, YouTube, Desktop and the Mac-compatible Picasa Web Albums plugins. We also told people about Google Mobile (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Search and others) for the iPhone, and gave away socks, flip-flop sandals, patches and other bag-stuffers to throngs of attendees.

This year, six of us SketchUppers made the trek to San Francisco to spread the word. John, Dusty, Steve, Matt and I are trade show veterans, but Preston made his debut in admirable fashion. He stood for six hours a day, four days straight, answering the question "So what's SketchUp?" with a smile and a great demo every time. Thanks, Preston, and welcome to the road-warrior club. The foot massage is on us.

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