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Use SketchUp models with iClone

Posted by Steve Dapkus, Market Development Guy

The folks who make iClone have recently announced their interoperability with SketchUp files. iClone is animation software that lets you compose, animate, light and "shoot" scenes digitally; it's kind of like a film studio that lives in your hard drive. People use iClone to do pre-visualization for live action work and as a standalone animation package. With the new iClone 3DXchange conversion utility, you can combine iClone with SketchUp models -- now everything in the 3D Warehouse available to anyone who needs 3D content. The following video shows this off using a model of an X-wing fighter made by 3D Warehouse user Ada-Do-Gen-Sco:

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Anonymous said...

It should work both ways but it doesn't.
I mean, one should be able to export from Iclone to sketchup, or any 3d format for that matter.

I would like to be able to export a posed Iclone figure and place it in Sketchup.

Only if this is possible, I consider buying into it...

Adrian said...

Unfortunately, iClone is PC only.

Would it be that hard to add a timeline and keyframe animation to SketchUp?

Anonymous said...



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Andrew Telker said...

I'll download it (IClone), and tell you what I think. I am using Antics 3D V5 right now.

-Andrew Telker-