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Would you like fries with that?

Posted by Tom Stamm, 3D Warehouse Engineer

Ever wonder what you might be missing out on in the 3D Warehouse? Now there's a new feature that can help you out: Most models in the Warehouse now come with a list of "related items" that might include just what you're looking for. These models are listed on the right side of each model's "details" page, along with other models by the same author and 3D Collections to which that model belongs, if there are any.

A couple of notes about how this feature works: It takes about a day for related models to be found, so brand new models won't have them. And if you make changes to the information about your model, those changes won't be reflected in the list of related models right away.

We'll be working to make the list of recommendations even better in the future, but you can help by making your models' metadata (tags, description and 3D Collections) as descriptive as possible. Remember that when it comes to adding information, you can never be too exhaustive—the more you write, the easier your models will be to find.

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