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3D Collections: Share and share alike

Posted by Rich Feit, 3D Warehouse Engineer

Until now, the 3D Collections feature in the Google 3D Warehouse has allowed individuals to gather together sets of models and share them with the world. We've watched our users organize the 3D Warehouse into bridges, Star Wars models, sports venues, guitars, and boats, just to name a few. But what if you're part of a group of people who want to build a collection -- say, of buildings in your home town? What if you want to take time to create your collection in private, then raise the curtains for a smashing debut? What if you want to create a collection and share it only with specific people instead of publishing it for all to see?

We took a cue from Google Docs and added access control for 3D Collections. This means that you can now add collaborators or restrict viewers for any collection you own. To do so, just click the "share" link on your collection's "details" page. Collaborators can add and remove items in your collection; they can also edit details such as its name and description. And if you make a collection "not-publicly-viewable", only people you choose can see it.

Don't forget: You don't have to "own" a model to add it to a collection. You can add any model in the Warehouse to a collection you -- or members of your group -- create. Give it a try, and as always, let us know what you think.

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Jim said...

Although I don't have an immediate need, this is a nice feature. It's basically free, public or private model hosting with access control. Most companies would charge for this level of service.

I do have a related question: How can I create a collection of all models authored by a specified user?

Rich Feit said...

Thanks for the feedback! One thing to note is that at the moment you can set permissions for collections only (not for models).

As to your question... it depends. We don't currently have a way to create a "dynamic" collection based on some search criteria. If you wanted to create a collection based on an author's current set of models, it would take a bit of effort. I've done this once in a while in Firefox by middle-clicking each model in search results, to get them all opened in tabs, then adding each one manually. Mildly painful but it works. :)

You can of course click the author's name on any model details page to get a bookmarkable set of that author's models, but I suspect you were looking for one of the above two options.

mwds said...

I've been trying to add models to collection I have just setup, but it just will not upload kmz files and all the thumbnail keep getting rejected - even though they are under the stated size limit... HELP!!! :)

Anonymous said...
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