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Breathe life into your models with Antics

Posted by Steve Dapkus, Market Development Guy

Antics is user-friendly 3D animation software for pre-visualization, machinima, education, simulation, training and a host of other things. It lets you create movies with models that you can animate to move around inside your scenes; you can even "film" the action with an infinite number of cameras that you set up. Antics is super-cool, and (like SketchUp) comes in both "free" and "pro" flavors. You can download both at the Antics website.

Even cooler (from my perspective) is the fact that the latest version of Antics features an embedded Google 3D Warehouse browser that can serve up a steady stream of models for your movies. Antics also supports direct import of SketchUp files in .skp format, which means you can build stuff in SketchUp and animate it in Antics. This Tips & Tricks forum on their website provides more information, and the following video provides a taste of what you can do.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't need to involve characters - here is a short animation using an excellent Star Trek model from Google Warehouse

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of a similar tool for the mac?

Ewan said...

These folks REALLY need to do some more self-promotion. I've bought and used iClone, played around with MovieStorm, and used to own copies of Poser and Bryce. But this takes the cake. Free version gives you a ton of capabilities AND integrates with the 3D Warehouse (iClone charges $70 extra for that, MS gives you no outside capability at all). Why haven't I heard about this tool before now?!?

Will make my next youtube production ( a LOT easier!

Anonymous said...



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Dave C. said...

this is no long available as a FREE application. too bad, I found it late.

CDD said...

As of 28th November 2008, Antics3D is no longer available for purchase or download, and subscriptions can no longer be renewed. There will be no future versions of Antics3D beyond the current Version 5.

All existing owners of Antics3D have a permanent license to the software which will never expire. This includes all license types and all versions of the software. All users will have free access to technical support and the content library until at least June 2009.