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Connecting the library to the rest of the school

Posted by Susan Willard, SketchUp Engineer

A while ago, I was asked to participate in a SketchUp workshop for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders at my niece's elementary school in Manchester By The Sea, Massachusetts. The students used SketchUp to design a 30 foot x 100 foot addition to their school, with the aim of attaching the library structure to the rest of the building. They could either start from scratch or from a model of the existing structures that their teacher, Mr. Clark, had created. It was really interesting to see what these kids came up with. And I got to be the "cool aunt" for a day!

Here are some of their impressive results:

Carly S, 5th grade

Devon M. and Bailey G, 5th grade

Maya H, 5th grade

Tatum H, 6th grade

Tucker E, 5th grade

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Sasuke said...

Wow. Those are some really amazing designs that the students came up with. And the level of intuitiveness that must have been built in...

Congratulations on a brilliant job to both the kids and the programmers!

Gaieus said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for sharing these. I'm always amazed what 10-12 year old kids can come up with - and yes, this shows teh intuitiveness of SU itself as well!

Anonymous said...



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