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See your building's energy performance

We're very excited to announce that Google SketchUp users now have greater access to free building performance simulation tools. IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) has just released a free plugin, the IES VE SketchUp plugin (available for Windows only) that determines your building's energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. The plugin works within Google SketchUp 6 and connects with IES's analysis tools: VE-Ware (free), VE-Toolkits and the full Virtual Environment.

According to IES, the plugin allows SketchUp users to assign important sustainable design information like location, building and room type, construction types and HVAC systems to their SketchUp model and then import it directly into their chosen IES analysis tool, without having to re-build any geometry.

Download the plugin and the free VE-Ware to get started, and watch the video to see how the plugin works. You can also download any of the IES 3D Warehouse models to test the plugin.

Visit our SketchUp: Go Green! website for more information about how Google SketchUp can help you design more efficient buildings.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

where is the linux version???
pliz !

Ethan Anderson said...

No really, what's the status of your linux version? We're getting tired of being jerked around like this.

If you guys have got something to say to us, please say it. You waiting for linux to hit 5% market share? I'll be waiting two years, okay, I can deal with that. 10% Three years, fine. Just tell us /something/, please! This is getting really old.

Unknown said...


Its ridiculous to try and use 'market share' in an analysis of Linux' adoption. An overwhelming majority of linux users don't buy their copy of linux, they download it legally for free. My HP laptop came preinstalled with XP and that is what it would be classified as in a market analysis. Yet I almost exclusively boot to the linux partitions.

It used to be the Google way to adopt alternatives like linux, but apparently the SketchUp office in Boulder hasn't quite adapted to the rest of Google or figured out that open source is here to stay and being adopted at a much greater pace than any other OS.

That's a shame...


Ethan Anderson said...

The painful thing is that it wouldn't even be that hard though, because with one registry key change, it /mostly/ works in WINE.. It's not usable for me because it crashes every time I try to import an image, but it shouldn't require all that much work, if someone just went ahead and did it.

Anonymous said...

Yeap, as Jack said, Linux user's don't buy their distro (of course, some are to be sold), this is right. But, as sketchup is a commercial software, well, no problem, most Linux users would pay to get it, no problem;)
And to be franck, yes, i'm also tired of wine, not so stable still, that's the same old story going on and on... if sketchup6 is ok with wine, what about 7? And 8... and so on.
So, if not buying problem, what the point? Mmmm, maybe the .Net... patents...
Boring is, a Mac version have been outed, but not Linux one... well, guys, what about outing for for the 7th release?

Aaron The Young said...

I can't get this to work. Once I installed the plug-in, the darn thing made Sketch-up crash everytime I start. I get an error:

Default has been set to C:\Program Files\IES\ve 59\apps. Use Tools > IES > Set VE.exe

I can't even get to this menu to look at it since Sketchup crashes. Even so, this directory is there and should work fine.

I've uninstalled and re-installed IES, Sketchup, and the plug-in various orders, to no avail.



IES Support said...

Hi Guys, Sorry I don't have a funky name...

Just on Aaron's issue with getting the IES-VE SketchUp Plug-In working.

Can I just check that you've downloaded and installed:
a) The VE Applications
b) The Shared Content
c) The SketchUp Plug-In

If you are still having problems then shake your tail feather over and register at and we'll see if we can't help you further!

Thanks chaps,

Anonymous said...

Where is the Mac OS X version?

Anonymous said...

Love the concept - are you guys (Green Google Guru's) working on some sort of LEED plug-in that could calculate points for new construction inside and out - being a landscape architect and SU user it would be very useful - thanks!

SketchUp Team said...

Thanks for the feedback. In fact, the IES VE SketchUp plugin allows you to calculate the LEED NC 2.2 daylighting credit 8.1 using its VE-Toolkits software. It's a start!

Anonymous said...

also searching for mac version but presumably this is just for windows?

Anonymous said...

Do we have anywhere to sign the "We'll do anything for SketchUp on Linux" petition? I've been searching for anyone even WORKING on this and don't see it. I happily use all of my other Google apps on my SuSE 11 box, but Sketchup is woefully absent. And no, I don't do WINE.

31 Tannery Project said...

Interesting stuff. Estimating energy consumption is interesting but displaying actual energy consumption in real time is a real eye opener.

For real time energy monitoring checkout this blog and the 31 Tannery Project...

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