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SketchUp goes to Beijing

The Summer Games are about to start, and chances are, you're not in Beijing to see them. That's alright, though – we've got the next best thing.

Our colleagues over at the Lat Long blog have put together a terrific compendium of everything we're doing to get you as close to the Games as possible. This includes an extensive 3D Warehouse collection of Olympic venues modeled in SketchUp. You can even take a look at them in context with this Google Earth KML. Who needs air travel?

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AmenZen said...

I thought this could be the fastest way to reach you. I am new in sketchup, one weekend and I now I see life as borders and...
I have told several friends and even tryed to download the program again, but it suddenly goes to a page
with a text that says: document.write('
a form box
a JOIN! button and


I appreciate your work.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ethan Anderson said...

That looks neat. I guess I'll see if I can at least get sketchup /viewer/ working on ubuntu..

Ethan Anderson said...

Gaahh, that's not working either..

Anonymous said...



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