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All about upgrades

As you may have noticed from our long list of new features in 7, SketchUp Pro is now more powerful than ever. We're trying to make it super easy to upgrade from previous versions of SketchUp Pro to the latest one. If you have an active license for SketchUp Pro 6 (or 5, or 4, or 3, or 2, or 1), you can upgrade it to a SketchUp Pro 7 license through our online store. Once you've purchased your new, upgraded license, you'll receive an email with two important pieces of information:

  1. Link to download Google SketchUp Pro 7 (if you haven't already)
  2. License information you need to authorize it
If you want to try it out before upgrading, please feel free to download an eight-hour trial from our website.

Here are some more things to keep in mind:
  • The cost to upgrade each license is US$95, EU€64 or UK£51.
  • Please have your current serial number, registered user and company name available when you visit the upgrade portion of our store.
  • If you have any trouble upgrading, please visit our online help center for more detailed instructions.
  • If you purchased a SketchUp Pro 6 license on or after October 1, 2008, the fee is waived as long as you upgrade before or on December 31, 2008.
  • If you purchased a SketchUp Pro license through one of our authorized resellers, please contact that reseller directly for upgrade terms.
  • If you've contacted us through the Help Center recently, we will try to respond as quickly as possible. Visit this forum post for troubleshooting suggestions.
Thanks for your continued business and happy sketching!

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Anonymous said...

"As you may have noticed from our long list of new features in 7".....

long list?

Only "dynamic components"(that nobody ever will understand...) en lines that intersect?

uhmmm......well...I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

I am an instructor and eligible or a year licence (which I greatly appreciate).

But how come I have to enter credit card information when it is a no cost purchase? I will wait till this gets fixed.

Also the Mac version must have a major bug. The spinning beach-ball comes on frequently and the programs freezes while it is thinking. does this with any major operation change.

The new interface tweaks are actually quite good.

Not too sure if I like the direct interface to models as is. It is a great idea but the current implementation feels "bulky".

Dynamic components - not too sure about them either as the window components I tried were limited in the usage. For example on a window with panes I could not specify the panes number and sizing. Not as useful with this limitation. Also cause the spinning beach-ball every time.

Looking forward to getting an academic version otherwise when this method is fixed.

Frederico said...

Jesus, where are the back and forward arrows in the component windows? Its so annoying to browse!!! Why???

And what about the wall tool?


Anonymous said...

What I find bothersome ... is that my engineering firm is spending good money on Google earth pro and sketch up pro, multiple licenses... And Google doesn’t give you a phone number to talk to a human... fine... I can email... but then I don’t get replies back via email... I just want to consolidate my various licenses... so when I upgrade I don’t have to do a bunch of different purchases!

Anonymous said...


I'm expecting for a French version of SketchUp 7 and Layout ? Available soon ?
Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

simply put: this is not an upgrade!

CCFA Lock said...

It doesn't seem like there is a lot of room for indie or hobby users looking to do anything other than architectural work, or modeling for Google earth...

Could there possibly be a hobbyist/"indie" license that doesn't include the very powerful features (which not everyone has a need for), perhaps just the free versions features plus export for something other than Google earth's model format, for a smaller price than the 'pro'? Features like custom edge treatments, integrated presentation creating, printing etc. isn't exactly what many people would need if they simply want a way to... well, sketch up a rough or quick model to work on in an editor to integrate into a program.

Also, we did notice that the free version is listed as having the ability to export in the Collada format... until I went and downloaded again to check and found that it still does not in fact, have this feature, even though your site says otherwise.

Unfortunately, for 500 dollars, we just don't see spending so much for features we most likely will never use when we simply want a pain free solution for implementing models to render with our code. The ability to model in sketch-up is extremely handy, but we just don't have a need to create elaborate print outs, dynamic models and multi-page documents here.

If you do start offering a slimmed down version of a Pro license though, we would definitely be interested in purchasing a license for our graphic work though.

Anonymous said...

Something happened to the speed. Freezes too long between commands and doesn't work well with lots of geometry. Also I agree with the earlier comment about talking to a REAL person over the phone. I miss the days when Sketchup was in Boulder and had some soul. NOT WORTH THE MONEY TILL YOU FIX THE BUGS.

Michael said...

What happened to the SketchUp we all know and love?....... BiG Business...that's what! I thought that a cool company like Google would be a great thing esp. after Google earth. Boy was I wrong! No phone number to talk to ANYONE and no returned emails. Great jobs guys! Time to look for a new modeler.... even if it costs more!

Anonymous said...

The first thing I tested with SketchUp 7 (network version)is whether it would erroneously disrupt SketchUp 6 network licensing... it did. With SketchUp 6 network licensing, we used the latest build (, but there is a rather famous (or should I say infamous) bug acknowledged by Google support, that if client workstations use different builds of the network version of SketchUp, subsequent license requests erroneously trigger the EZTrial demo mode; confusing to the user who is prompted to re-authorize the software (a deadend loop), or to ignore and just use the EZTrial mode (it does 99% of what SketchUp does, but restricts file export, and one can't geo-reference a location for accurate shadow studies). We've gone to considerable effort to ensure that EVERY client workstation is on the same SketchUp build, but even so, about once a week the network licensing degrades into the dreaded EZTrial mode, even so, and we're not sure why. The only fix if for all SketchUp users to close SketchUp (typically this happens automatically at the end of the day), then normal network SketchUp licensing resumes.

So, when we loaded up our authorized SketchUp 7.0 for testing purposes before a general roll-out and company-wide upgrade, yes indeed, when 7.0 is launched, version 6.0 goes into the dreaded EZTrial mode. When will the good people at Google fix this terrible problem. I mentioned the network Google SketchUp Pro licensing debacle at a meeting of Boston-area design firm IT managers this year, and it instantly hit a nerve as they had all experienced, and continue to experience, the helpdesk pain you have inflicted on us IT managers. Please, please fix this terrible bug.

Mark McD.

Anonymous said...

we will appriciate that skecthup STILL an open source no matter what the version is.

Nic East said...

Nic asks:
Does anyone at GOOGLE even read or indeed care if we ever gain any satisfaction for our money? Is anyone there? Does anyone care?

Craig said...

I too am frustrated that there is no phone number. I paid $500 for Pro and get "your license has expired " message! I have tried reinstalling and that does not work-now I have no Pro and no 3d capability at all! HELP!

laura allen said...

Hi all,

Please note that SketchUp Pro support is available through the online help center here:

Kind Regards,
The SketchUp Folks
Google, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Hi SketchUp,

Your Pro Users need better support. I realize you offer your software for free to hobbyist but your pro users with real project deadlines and serious questions and issues are not being supported. As for the link you posted we have been there and as of yet have not had a response.

SDA Team

Edouard said...

Sketchup 8 works great with new graphic card nvidia GT425M