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Got Style?

As a designer, you use drawings to communicate much more than just the appearance of spaces or objects. Great drawings "set the tone"; they provide a window into the actual experience of your ideas. Drawings also help communicate the state of your design: Where are you in the process? What level of feedback from your clients is appropriate? Is it time to talk about the roof tile, or are you still working out the building massing? Good drawings lead to good conversations, and that leads to better design.

Style Builder lets you take hand-drawn lines (or any other lines you create) and apply them as edges in a SketchUp model. Now you can make your 3D models look like sketches, abstracting out the things you're not ready to discuss, and bringing forward the things you do. Styles you create in Style Builder are also totally unique; no one else will be able to make drawings that look like yours.

Check out this video to see how Style Builder works:

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Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it be nice if u could put in an artificial sun(light source) allot of my drawings become verry dark when i turn shadows on.

Anonymous said...

I was a little surprised that printing the template, hand-drawing lines, and then scanning back in did not work. Is that possible, or did I do something wrong?

SketchUp Team said...

Printing and re-scanning the template alters the bar code just enough that it's unreadable by Style Builder. The best thing to do would be to cut and paste your scanned lines into the cells on an unaltered version of your template using an image-editing program. Cutting and pasting into a fresh template image will also eliminate any other artifacts that can appear when the template is resampled in the print-scan process. Here is a video of a Style Builder session from the SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2008.

Consultor said...

Dear SketchUp team,

I have to congratulate you for the simple and powerful took you have developed and bring to us for free.
This feature about drawing for me has work great. I´m making my first tries appling textures to concrete flor projects and I´m gonna publicate some at