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Synchro: Your model in 4D

Synchro is a 4D (3D + scheduling) application that allows you to create and see the construction schedule of your project -- all at the same time. They've created a plugin for SketchUp and have full support for the SKP file format. The plugin allows you to bring geometry from SketchUp into Synchro with a unique ID attached to each component. This gives users the ability to make changes in their SketchUp models and port those changes back to Synchro while iterating on designs. Check out this video with footage provided by Construction Software Advice for a closer look:

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idraftnz said...

Good stuff, nice one.
Does it deal with material costings as well?

Cheers Jeff

Stephan Jones said...

Jeff, the quick answer is yes, you can allocate cost (variable or fixed to any resource in Synchro.. and then report it as Earned Value Analysis (EVA)

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