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Design a better bus stop

Last week, one of the organizers of Next Stop Design wrote to tell us about their website. In their own words, Next Stop Design is "an experiment in 'crowdsourcing' the best ideas and designs to build a better bus stop". The website lets anyone submit a design in any medium (even pencil and paper are A-OK), and also encourages folks to try SketchUp if they're game for trying out 3D modeling. Check out some of the entries; they're neat.

University of Utah Teepee by hopkinp

A reminder (while we're on the subject of online design submissions): We launched the Design IT: Shelter Competition a couple of weeks ago. The last day to submit is in August, but don't let the absence of a looming deadline deter you from getting started -- good ideas sometimes happen before 3 am.

Posted by Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Evangelist

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Unknown said...

Wow that bus stop is really awesome

Unknown said...

How did u make that it is really cool I tought u would have more coments by now beacuse I thought it was pretty cool.

Unknown said...

Sometimes replacing historic objects (such as a TP) with newly designed and technological features creeps me out. I prefer just a completely new design. However, I appreciate your skill. :-)

Unknown said...

pretty cool idea/design :)

Unknown said...

what is the material made out of? if its cloth then someone would just stab through it. if its some kind of plastic, then fundamentally the support beams are unnecessary and also in that case, the shape is limiting for the capacity of people you can have under a

Unknown said...

i dont think that this would be made of cloth.. rain could get through, but the design is pretty nice since it could provide shelter for passengers in harsh weather.. also depending on the bus stop and its location, the number of people waiting at a stop varies..